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What kind of pregnancy announcement gifts do you give hip grandparents-to-be?

My husband and I recently found out I’m pregnant and would like to tell our families around Christmas. I think it would be fun to get cute Grandma and Grandpa gifts and see their reaction when they open them. My parents are really HIP though — like hippie cool, and would never want a necklace that says “Grandma’s Angels” or a sign that says “What happens at Grandpa’s stays at Grandpa’s.”

How will my grandchildren shock me?

I think about the stuff that SO outraged my now-deceased paternal grandmother and am baffled at about how old fashioned she seemed.

Tavi’s got four grandmas

This is the story of what happens when two children of lesbians (each their mother’s only child) have a kid. The short version of the story: picture a swarm of grandmas circling the baby like the world’s most loving vultures. The long version: When Andreas and I first hooked up, one of our very first […]

First, second, and third generation offbeat families

Years ago, I developed this theory about first and second generation weirdos, loosely based on the concept of first and second generation immigrant families. In my mind, there’s another second generation: the children of offbeat families.

How I want to avoid mommy martyrdom

Last week, I asked offbeat mamas via Facebook & Twitter: “What steps do YOU take to help you avoid mama martyrdom?” I got some great responses, which helped me clarify the issue for myself. It basically boils down to this: I do not want to have a monogamous relationship with my son. I’ve read a […]