My ovaries, his sperm, and other dinner conversations: why we're not discussing our conception plans

I've always been open about my sexuality and the fact that I want more than anything to have a family of my own. If I had questions about sex or relationships, I went to my family for advice or answers. When I wanted to start on birth control pills, I talked to my Mom about it. I'm generally an open person, so why can't I just give them a firm answer on the baby of it all? The answers to those questions are somewhat complicated. The reason we've decided to be mum (ha!) on the whole situation is not: quite simply, it's none of their business.

What kind of pregnancy announcement gifts do you give hip grandparents-to-be?

My husband and I recently found out I'm pregnant and would like to tell our families around Christmas. I think it would be fun to get cute Grandma and Grandpa gifts and see their reaction when they open them. My parents are really HIP though — like hippie cool, and would never want a necklace that says "Grandma's Angels" or a sign that says "What happens at Grandpa's stays at Grandpa's."