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Vegetarian and gluten-free Disney: Magical gluten-free vegetarian land? Yep, here's how!

Disney: Magical gluten-free vegetarian land? Yep, here’s how!

My husband, Tom, and I recently vacationed in Orlando, Florida and went to Disney World! Pause for magical reaction. I am a gluten-free vegetarian (Tom is also a vegetarian, but can eat the wheat), so you KNOW it’s tough to eat and travel.

There was a lot of internet advice that mentioned dining as a gluten-free vegetarian in Disney is so easy, and Disney is so accommodating. I was dubious, but guess what — The internet can be right sometimes! Here are just some of the vegetarian and gluten-free Disney yummies I got to enjoy on the trip…

Pre-emptive answers to your questions about my apparent wheat allergy

This post originally appeared on one of my best friends’ blogs which you should be following. I begged him to let us feature it here, as I’m sure a lot of Homies have the same experience.

Megan-simple, winter-friendly Chana Saag (chickpeas with spinach)

This Megan-simple recipe from our menu turns out to also be super fast, vegan, gluten free, inexpensive, winter-friendly (frozen and canned ingredients totally fine) and yummy! This simplified recipe relies on ingredients that are easily available in a fairly well-stocked pantry, or everyday grocery store. Don’t be frightened by the long list — this is actually very easy to make.

Bite into this gluten-free, red velvet shark cake

Summer is a great time for shark-centric entertaining! Jaws airs every July 4th week, and in 2013, August 4th marks the return of The Discovery Channel’s popular Shark Week. If you’re celebrating in honor of these fascinating underwater creatures, here’s how to make a 3-D shark cake.

How do you pull off an awesome low-budget, gluten-free, soy-free, worry-free birthday party?

I feel like my husband deserves to have a wonderful birthday, where he doesn’t have to give a damn about worrying about what’s in his food. I figured if anyone would know about throwing a party for a nerd with dietary constrictions on a budget, the Offbeat Homies would know. So how do you pull off an awesome low-budget, gluten-free, soy-free, worry-free birthday party?

This pumpkin cookie dip is vegan, gluten-free, and Megan-simple

Cookies, jealous of the ascendancy of the cupcake, have found a way to up their fabulosity: the cookie dip. This cookie dip is vegan, gluten-free, Megan-simple, and — by far most important — flavored like pumpkin pie. So: cookies dipped in pie.

The Sweetest Vegan’s Memorial Day vegan sweets: red, white, and blue fruit cups

Tasha from The Sweetest Vegan has a little patriotic dessert for your Memorial Day nomming — but unlike the usual holiday fare, it’s vegan, raw, and gluten-free!

10 tips on cooking for your gluten-and-dairy-free paleo aunt without pulling your hair out

Is this scenario familiar to you? You go out to a restaurant with a bunch of friends and one of them spends half an hour with the waiter trying to work out what they can eat. I’m one of those people! My diet is like a finely tuned orchestra and when I get it wrong I’m hooked up to a morphine drip hallucinating rainbows. It’s not pretty.

Lets face it, most people you meet will have foods they do and don’t eat. For some of us it is really important. Whether it’s a deathly intolerance to nuts or a commitment to not eating dead things, if you’re going to feed friends and family who are offbeat eaters, you need to pay attention or you run the risk of offending their beliefs — or landing them in hospital.

This is my survival guide for feeding offbeat eaters.