Stocking stuffers: Or small gifts that'll make a big impact

Do you have stockings to stuff? Do you have eight days of Hannukah presents to buy? Do you have a big family to shop for? I've rounded up some of my favorite small gift items, and most of them are under $15! Get your holiday shopping fingers ready to snag these small gifts that will make a big impact.


14 gifts for dapper, artistic types that will make even the hipster-iest hipster excited

I got this request via Twitter: "Any plans to do a gift guide for the dapper artsy-type people in our lives? I'm totally stumped for my brother-in-law and could use some ideas." My response: "I suspect he may be suffering from hipsterism. But it's okay! I can help." Forget skinny jeans and slouchy beanies, these gifts will make even the pickiest hipster say, "okay, yeah, that's totally me"…