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Our experience living in and restoring a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome

Our experience living in and restoring a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome

We live in a three bedroom, two bath, two-story dome with four foot riser walls on the central Oregon coast. Built in 1981, we are about two city blocks from the beach and elevated 151 feet above sea level tucked into the trees with ocean views on two sides among conventional houses. If you want to purchase a dome, the most important thing to consider is the QUALITY of the initial build. Don’t go cheap and buy someone else’s problem. If the owners are having leaking windows and roofing, you will, too. Here’s our take on renovating and living in a Buckminster Fuller geodesic home.

What’s it like living in a geodesic dome?

My husband and I are looking to move out of our apartment and purchase this 1977 Geodesic Dome. Are there any Dome Dwellers among the Homies that can offer us the possible pros and cons of moving into a geodesic dome?

Yurt + Dome = My life in a yome

My 16-month-old daughter and I live on an herb farm (no, not that kind of herb farm, though we are in Northern California). I am a farm hand here, and in exchange for a certain amount of hours a week working the land, we get to live here and breathe the fresh air, learn about herbs, and watch everything bloom.

We live in a yome here. Yep, a yome — it’s a cross between a yurt and a geodesic dome. And wait until you see the triangular windows…

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Everything’s growing in this week’s reader photos

Dudes, I woke up this morning and looked out the window and the world looked SO GREEN after all the rain Iowa got this week. It’s been warm here for weeks, but it’s not spring until the plants are growing. And it looks like people in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool are feeling the same fresh verdantness. Let’s take a look at the world with fresh eyes, and enjoy the Clicky Link bounty.

What kind of flooring can stand up to dogs, meet my budget, and fill 900 square feet in my geodesic dome?

My living room is huge and the carpet needs to go. My parents had it installed in 1985. I don’t really want to do more carpet, but I need something affordable and attractive. I’m will to do it myself!

A potter/truck driver’s deep-heartland, renovated retro geodesic dome

Ever driven past a geodesic dome house and wondered what it’s like to live there? Becky can tell you: it’s hard to figure out where to put the furniture.