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Baseboard heater safety freaks me out! How can I feel safe around baseboard heating?

There are baseboard heating units EVERYWHERE, and as lifelong book hoarders (we’re both English teachers) with small children, we have no idea how to fit all our bookshelves, furniture, and kid’s toys and playthings safely up against the walls. What are your creative work-arounds for rooms filled with baseboard heating units?

Easiest home upgrade ever: fancy floor vent covers

If you have central heat and air conditioning, especially if you have registers on the floor, it is DEAD SIMPLE to replace the floor vent covers with something that has more personality. As in, no tools required for floor vents.

Hide extra outlets in plain sight with power strips that match your hardwood floor!

You hardwood floor having bastards, you. Not only do you have the sexiest damn flooring of all the flooring, you now can have the sexiest damn power outlets of all the outlets. Invisiplugs power strips‘ wooden appearance makes your extra outlets blend into your hardwood floors.

Five ideas to soundproof so you can turn video games up to 11 without waking the dead

Everyone needs a little soundproofing knowledge now and then, but nerds more than most. Here are our solutions for soundproofing your space.

How to refinish a hardwood floor — the complete manifesto

We took on the project to refinish the hardwood floors on the upper floors of our new home, The Turret.

This is my essay on how we did it — and the feeling of accomplishment we got after communing with our new home.

What kind of flooring can stand up to dogs, meet my budget, and fill 900 square feet in my geodesic dome?

My living room is huge and the carpet needs to go. My parents had it installed in 1985. I don’t really want to do more carpet, but I need something affordable and attractive. I’m will to do it myself!