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Learning not to worry during pregnancy

My new doctor, the chill one, was all like, “Why’d you have so many ultrasounds?” when I saw him for the first time. Um, because I’m nuts?

Taking the NICU with a grain of salt

The NICU can be a scary place. It really isn’t ever on anyone’s birth plan, but can show up. What’s even scary is when you don’t know what’s going on. I remember when I was told that my son would be in the NICU for an extended period of time. I was beyond frightened. I felt helpless and like I did something wrong to make my baby sick. Looking back on it there’s quite a few things I wish I knew. Knowing them now, I hope to share them and make someone’s experience in the NICU a whole lot less scary.

Calculated risk, or why I let my kid sleep on his stomach

I’m not stupid: I know that it’s recommended that infants sleep on their backs, and I understand why it’s recommended. SIDS is scary, terrifying stuff — and the fact it’s still mired in mystery means that there’s extra fear around it.

Childproof your home — not your life

We baby proof our lives so much we get scared. We as parents want to protect our children, but I think we’re over protecting them 90% of the time.

Facing your birth fears

Q. We are planning our first homebirth with our 2nd child due in February in a state that has laws preventing homebirth. I am so excited to not be in a hospital setting….but I am becoming consumed with fear. Fear that something is going to go wrong, that we’ll have to transport to the hospital […]