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I want to donate my eggs but my partner’s wary: how can I help overcome his doubts?

Now that I’ve had my absolutely perfect son — he’s beautiful, healthy, and right on track developmentally — I think I would be ready to donate. But… my partner doesn’t really feel the same way. I’ve mentioned it to him and he didn’t like the idea, but I’d like one more shot to convince him.

Any advice for someone thinking of donating eggs?

I am currently considering donating my eggs — I’ve read up on the procedure and have done my research. I don’t know that my application will definitely be accepted, but I have a few questions I’m hoping the Offbeat community can help me with.

How I decided to become an egg donor

I had been well aware that IVF was A Thing That Existed. For the longest time, though, I had only thought of it from the families’ perspective. The couple struggling with infertility, the single woman, or the gay couple, had been the faces of IVF.

Recently I saw a mention in an article in which the author, Jen Dziura said she donated her eggs right after she moved to New York. She said it was something that both settled her life and allowed her to work on her career. I recognized myself in that situation.