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Is ugly produce your path to food budget bliss?

Is ugly produce your path to food budget bliss?

We all know there’s a big problem with food waste. So if you’re not the type to fuss too much about picking the perfect apple in the stack at the grocery store, a new food delivery service might be the solution for you AND for the environment. You may have already seen friends posting on social media about a company called Imperfect Produce, a CSA-style program that delivers just slightly bruised or weird-looking veggies to you. They’re still tasty, but just not quite as pretty as you may be used to.

You better love root veggies: What you should know about winter CSA shares

Since 2011, my husband and I have survived the harsh, long New England winters in part thanks to our winter Community Supported Agriculture share. Below are some tips and some of what I’ve learned over the past three winters of our participation…

How to navigate a Community Supported Agriculture share

Thinking about joining a CSA — Community Supported Agriculture — share? I learned a lot about offbeat vegetables and how to prepare them. I learned how to roast beets without setting off the smoke detector. I know I still don’t like cabbage, after trying it three ways. definitely got creative with how to fit even more veggies into my family’s diet. And I got to use my favorite knife… a LOT. Here’s are all my tips from my experience as a first time CSA participant…

Giving up groceries: How we cut supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores from our diet

My husband and I gave up buying food from chains. Now we grow much of our food and buy the rest locally — and it wasn’t that hard.

I like to eat Wild: where can I find elk and deer meat if my CSA doesn’t carry it?

I like to eat elk and deer over pork and steer, but I’m running into trouble. Some of my friends think it’s barbaric, and it’s really hard to find. Help me, Homies!

Let me tell you about the box of produce I get from a farm each week

The first time I heard of CFAs was back in 2003, visiting relatives on Long Island. I was chilling in their kitchen when my aunt comes bursting into the door, cardboard box in tow, squealing, “The CFA is here!” My immediate thought: WTF is a CFA?