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Easy Instant Pot recipes for your new cooking obsession

We used our brand spanking new Instant Pot for the first time the other week, using a very easy first timer recipe. And now we’re hooked! It’s Megan-simple and quick. And now I want MORE easy Instant Pot recipes (bonus points for being healthy). So I put our a request on Facebook, and got these responses. (And then I want to hear yours!)…

Try this astoundingly-easy slow cooker curry recipe

You know we love slow cookers and we love offbeat curries, so let’s combine the two with this recipe! It’s dairy, sugar, and gluten-free. It’s vegan if you leave out the meat. It’s extremely customizable. And I just love slow cooker meals as it cuts down on the chaos of that pre-dinner hour that young children bring.

Slow cooker green chile pulled pork: it’s a gift for Future You!

So… This pork. It’s great in tacos, nachos, or burritos. It’s decadent over cheese grits. I’ve eaten it happily in a bowl of ramen. I suspect it would be great in tamales. Put it in your quesadilla! Put it in your breakfast burrito! Add some to your huevos rancheros! Put it on small roll with shredded cabbage and call it a slider! Enchiladas? Sure! Eaten cold from a bowl straight from the fridge because you can’t even be bothered? Absolutely! It’s dang versatile, and it freezes beautifully. Make a big batch and freeze some. Future You will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The slow-cooker salsa chicken that makes three dinners

I can cook, but I don’t like to, and frankly, I don’t have much time for it. But my husband and I should probably eat more homemade food than expensive, unhealthy takeout or frozen pizzas, so we each force ourselves to cook sometimes. The following recipe is one I use to get out of cooking three times.

Italian chicken slow cooker tastiness in under fifteen minutes

I happened to check the time before I started making this Italian chicken slow cooker recipe and — starting with a clean kitchen all the way through putting the cutting board into the dishwasher and the slow cooker into the fridge for the night — it took me thirteen minutes to make this. Perfect for those days when you have too many things to do and not enough time — or for when you don’t have time to waste in the kitchen because you need to catch up on Game of Thrones.

Cooking challenge final results: Lasagnes and lessons learned

In which I give y’all the breakdown of my last few challenge meals, including a video with a special guest star. Then I break down the over all results of this whirlwind week of cooking and learning.

Delicious tomato sauce you can make in your crock pot

This is my Crock Pot Tomato Sauce. I adapted it from a recipe I saw online somewhere forever ago. My nearly three-year-old daughter loves it and it’s hearty enough that my carnivorous hubby-to-be doesn’t notice when it doesn’t have meat. But you can totally add meat to it later, especially if cooking for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. And it is SUPER easy!

Use your crockpot to make chicken tacos

My name is Mich and I’m addicted to my crockpot. Here’s my favourite, cheap and easy crockpot recipe: chicken tacos. This recipe makes eight meals for me and my husband — that’s 16 portions for about $14 (I buy chicken when it’s on sale and freeze it).