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Where can I get a mini toddler bed?

We are now looking for non-traditional options for toddler beds. We have a traditional-sized toddler bed for the four-year-old, but are now in the market for a toddler bed for the almost two-year-old. He is only two feet tall, and we have a really small space, so getting a five foot long toddler bed just is not practical.

Our child’s medical condition led us to unexpectedly become Attachment Parents

I went in to parenthood prepared. I had a decent amount of baby experience and figured I was as ready as someone can be to have your life up-ended by a tiny human. My husband and I discussed cloth diapering (we wanted to try it), sleeping arrangements (pack-n-play and crib only) and birth plans (unmedicated hospital birth with a doula). I knew that all of our plans needed some degree of flexibility as we figured out what worked best for us. Then our fuss-a-saurus, E, was born.

A ton of gift ideas for your expecting friends

The problem with baby showers and registries is that you don’t know your baby yet and as novice parents you really don’t know what you are going to need. And you aren’t going to know whether or not your child will hate the really expensive bouncer that their grandparents purchase them off of the registry.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and we’re about to have twins: help?!

We are very excited to find out that our little bundle of joy is in fact two! But now that I’m into my second trimester I’m finally over the morning sickness long enough to think about how this is all going to work. We live in a one bedroom condo, and I’m not sure how to make it work with two babies.

I got over my fear of using The Crib

Last night, my four-and-a-half-month-old daughter slept in her crib for the first time. This was huge — not because co-sleeping isn’t working for us, and not because I even think that it’s so important that she can sleep in her crib. This was huge because it reminded me how making decisions as a parent works for me.

Mini cribs transform your small space into something your kid can snooze in

Looking for something your baby can safely sleep in that also won’t take up a ton of space? GO FOR THE MINI CRIB! We’re long-time fans and so is Karen.

Where can we score affordable baby furniture that’s not so… khaki?

My wife and I are doing some pre-baby furniture shopping, in the hopes of avoiding a mega-spree of spending all in one expensive rush. We live in a smallish Manhattan apartment, with no room for a full-size crib, so we are pretty drawn to the idea of a co-sleeper — but why are they so… ugly?

Yep, my kid still sleeps in a closet: our post-crib sleeping solution

Those of you who have read Offbeat Families for a while may recall that, since my family of three shares a one-bedroom home, our son’s bedroom is a converted walk-in closet. It’s worked out really well for us, but my son Octavian is now a very large 19-months-old (seriously: dude is bigger than some of his three-year-old friends. He won a genetic lottery) and his second-hand crib was on the small side of things to begin with. It’s become increasingly clear that it was time for our son to graduate to his next bedding situation: a pile of crap from Ikea on the floor.