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Homemade cheddar rosemary crackers are better than the storebought alternatives

Here I am, yet again, promising myself that I will not buy store bought convenient alternatives. I’m hoping it sticks this time. I feel like this recipe is too easy not to keep that promise, plus, knowing exactly what’s in my food always comforts me.

Helen Jane finishes her meal planning lesson

We already talked about my thought strategies and meal planning, now it’s all about the listing. Like I said, I list out all the foods that we have that I want to use up. Then, I list out all the recipes I’ve seen that I want to make. Then, I list the ingredients I need to get at the store. But there’s more to it than that.

How to plan for a week of meals

I plan my meals every week.
It saves me time and money.
It helps me visualize when I’ll need extra help, or when to scale back or when to pull out the fancy forks (Just kidding, I don’t have any fancy forks. Do you?)
It keeps me from wasting food.
It takes less than 15 minutes a week.
So, what are you having for supper tomorrow?

How to handle jackfruit — and three recipes to use with it!

Near our house is a botanical garden which includes a small, pathetic tropical fruit orchard. We visit every now and then, usually bringing home a few lemons, but not much else. Most of the things growing there are not super productive, because they aren’t cultivated or cared for, and there is usually only one tree from each species. The trees are also labelled with nothing but a name (and sometimes not even that), so it’s hard to know when things are ready for picking.

A few months ago we grabbed a jackfruit, but when we cut it open it oozed so much latex that we got scared and threw it away. Then we saw Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen make a salad with green, unripe jackfruit. He talked briefly about how to cook it. That was enough to inspire us to have another go.

Gingerdead man cookie cutter: Holiday cookies with a twist of dark in your sweet

I adore these adorably macabre gingerbread man cookie cutters from ThinkGeek, which imprint a gingerbread skeleton into your rolled cookie dough.

Covert cooking: how do I sneak healthy food into my family’s diet?

How can I stealthily convert my husband’s diet and my teenaged picky sister’s diet to get them to eat healthy without knowing. You know… baby steps. AND! what are some good whole food protein substitutes aside from tofu?

Recycle your halloween pumpkin as yummy refrigerator soup

Buying a huge vegetable, setting it outside for a few days, then throwing it away bothers me. Inspiration hit when a friend explained “refrigerator soup,” made from whatever veg was a little past its prime. If this soup works for slightly saggy veg, couldn’t it work for my old pumpkins too?

10 tips on cooking for your gluten-and-dairy-free paleo aunt without pulling your hair out

Is this scenario familiar to you? You go out to a restaurant with a bunch of friends and one of them spends half an hour with the waiter trying to work out what they can eat. I’m one of those people! My diet is like a finely tuned orchestra and when I get it wrong I’m hooked up to a morphine drip hallucinating rainbows. It’s not pretty.

Lets face it, most people you meet will have foods they do and don’t eat. For some of us it is really important. Whether it’s a deathly intolerance to nuts or a commitment to not eating dead things, if you’re going to feed friends and family who are offbeat eaters, you need to pay attention or you run the risk of offending their beliefs — or landing them in hospital.

This is my survival guide for feeding offbeat eaters.