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What should I bring when visiting a friend in the maternity ward?

Last weekend, when I got a text that it was go time and mom was being induced, I found myself excitedly asking, “What do I bring to the hospital?” I ended up taking Oreos for waiting family members and a tiny bouquet for mom — figuring they could throw it away instead of taking it home if hands were full of new child paraphernalia.

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about Child-Free men?

“For all the stories written by and for women on this issue — and there are markedly few — men are more likely to be absent from the public dialogue about intentional childlessness. It isn’t as if they don’t exist, so why aren’t men’s stories also being heard?”

I want to be pregnant… but I don’t want to be a parent

I have a birth plan in place, know that I want to use a birthing center instead of a hospital, and I drink my morning coffee while watching Birth Day. Here’s the tricky part: I do NOT want kids.

How to be a supportive offbeat auntie/uncle

“What are some ways that new offbeat aunties and uncles can help out their friends who are having kids? I am very excited about being an auntie and helping out, but not having any kids myself and no younger siblings, I’m a little at a loss at what to do…”

How “breeders” and the Child-Free can get along

While I think the world would be a better place if more people were Childfree, there’s no denying that communications between parents and Childfree folks are often, uh, STRAINED.