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Taking our chicken to the vet

Our Rhode Island Red hen, Rosalind Franklin (or Rosie, for short), laid her very first egg for us Saturday. Sadly, her little chicken body wasn’t quite ready for it, and it caused a prolapse, which is when part of the cloaca protrudes from the hen’s vent. It’s a very serious condition that can cause death. With Rosie’s prolapse showing no signs of getting better, and having reached the end of our knowledge in treating her, we decided to take Rosie in to the vet. Here’s how it went and here’s what I learned from taking my chicken to the vet…

Sick chickens, text art, and questionable piggy banks in this week’s reader photos

Happy Monday, Homies! Good to see you back. In this week’s photos we have a lot of voyeurism, and in this week’s Clicky Links there’s a lot of geeky consumerism.

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What you need to know about raising backyard chickens

You have now decided that you want chickens — but you don’t know where to start. Before you make the leap into raising backyard poultry there are some things you need to consider.