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How can I stop getting all these f#&%*ing parking tickets!?

I just got my third $75 parking ticket, since moving to my new digs. There’s got to be a way to stop getting parking tickets in this day and age of tech and broke millennials.

So I reached out to some friends to ask what they do to avoid astronomical parking ticket fees. Here were some of their suggestions, and then I’d love to hear yours…

Becoming a more mindful driver through physics

When I’m on the highway and traffic slows to a crawl, then after a stretch speeds up again and I can’t find an explanation, I shout “Why did we spend the last three miles going 10MPH? Did everyone lose their minds for a moment; is it a plot? Why is this happening to me?” It’s not pretty to watch, and it’s not fun to live through. The other day I read the article, “The Physics Behind Traffic Jams” and it blew my mind. The advice was pretty simple, and the article really helped me think differently about myself as a driver. Here’s what I learned…

How to buy a car using data part III: The cheap-ass car version

Remember when Dev introduced us to buying a car using data (part I and II)? He’s back with part III, and this time it’s all about buying cheap-ass cars. Put your stat nerd hat on and get ready to find the bestest cheap car out there!

Customize your car doors with a little glue and fabulous fabrics

I’ve definitely stared at the boring grey interior of the Lizmobile and thought it could use something to make it pretty, but I had no idea how to make the magic happen. Cue Becca’s genius: with a little adhesive and some knockout fabric, your custom car interior is within easy reach!

Use a notebook and a pencil to keep your car running smoothly

Left to my own devices, I’m not the best at keeping up with regular car maintenance. Since most automotive repairs are timed in mileage, it’s easy to let a deadline zoom right past. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a mental alarm that goes off when I hit 3,000 miles, so I’m going to share my Baskets! system for keeping my car on the road.

Bring on the fun fur: how should I pimp out my Chevy van?

I am about to purchase an ’86 Chevy conversion van, and I want to re-do the inside. I’m talking fur and funky fabrics everywhere. Might any of the super crafty DIY readers have any ideas on how to go about reupholstering seats/floor/ceiling/walls?

Do you wish you had kept your car — or does car-less life ROCK?

People who have owned a car, but decided to get rid of it: what was the transition like? What do you do if you have an emergency or need to run to the store in the middle of the night? How do you haul large stuff around? And most importantly: do you regret the decision… or do you love it?

How to buy a car using data: Part II — the final decision and epilogue of our adventure

In our previous blog post we identified 27 cars based on a list of features, and then narrowed our list down to 3 based on Internet data and test drives. Now, it is time for more data!


With a list of cars this small, we can do more in-depth research. We found out the cost of car insurance, average maintenance costs, vehicle crash ratings, accident data, and insurance data. We also tried to estimate how much each model would cost to own over 5 and 10 years.

However, the most interesting data was about crash test ratings and accident statistics. Vehicle crash-test ratings are designed to be predictive, which means they try to imitate real-world conditions. Accident data is far more interesting, because it shows what actually happened.