From sweet treats, to healthy greens, and complete meals: Yummy gift ideas

Got some people on your holiday list that are hard to please? That's okay! Because sometimes the best way to someone's heart is through their tastebuds. That's why I've rounded up some of my favorite edible holiday gift ideas. From sweet treats, to healthy greens, and complete meals… these yummy options are sure to please! Let's get shopping…


Make your own Conversation Hearts

What do you want your little rainbow of hearts to say? Do you wish they were flavored differently, or spelled out secret messages? Do you want more vibrant colors? Now, Homies, is your chance — because we've got the skinny on how to make your very own.


How to make a holiday wreath out of candy

This candy wreath is a fun holiday decoration and makes a tasty treat when it's time to pull the decorations down — if it lasts that long! Making the wreath is pretty simple once you get the hang of wiring on the candy. Here's how to make one…