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Great idea of the day: Use Skittles to flavor and color your drinks

Aside from using them as a interior design palette, Offbeat Bride showed us that Skittles candies can also be used to color and flavor your drinks!

Zombiepocalypse Easter basket full of prepping supplies (and candy!)

Do you know how fun it is to prepare for the end of the world, zombie-style? It’s my new favorite hobby! The best part is I never run out of gift ideas anymore (my husband is one of those impossible-to-buy-for guys). I’ll use any holiday as an excuse to add to our collection. Here’s what I put together to make Easter working with our prepping plans.

Contest-worthy apple cider caramel candies

I spotted a recipe for Apple Cider Caramels on Pinterest and just had to try them. They were delicious and well worth the work!

What pretty candies can I give out for Halloween?

Gorgeous food is great porn: fun to look at, SO fun to imagine eating. I’ve been thinking about these glossy candied apples our copyeditor Caroline sent me for a WEEK. I would love to give out a pretty candy of my own this weekend, but A: no time and B: would kids even eat it? Aren’t parents training them to reject all things not packaged?

What’s a good, pretty, yummy, fun candy I can give out that won’t offend guardians and — even better — will be suitable for kids with nut allergies or gluten intolerances?