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Let’s talk about living in a tipi year-round

I’m really interested in buying a tipi that you can live in year-round. I found some great manufacturing websites but the only thing is they all say the same thing, i.e.: yes it’s great to live in year round, it’s so romantic with the open fire etc., etc.

I would love to hear from real people who live in a Tipi year round (in particular, places with cold winters ala Canada) and find out the disadvantages as well as the advantages.

A bright and brilliant ornately-painted ceiling

This is the ORIGINAL ceiling in the Naniboujou Lodge’s Great Room — it’s almost 100 years old and has never been repainted. Granted, it is in northern Minnesota, so it’s not like the place is heavy on the direct sunbeams.

We lost the TV and found bowling dates, sleep, and a travel budget

While in college, we gave up TV in order to see more of each other. Seven years and two kids later, and we’re still without TV — and it’s enabled us to live more richly!

I’m at peace with where I live, even though my heart’s in the Highlands

What’s a girl to do in her mid-twenties, firmly ensconced in being a real live adult and having to make the decision about where home will be right now?

Use your wedding decorations for double-duty Christmas decor

Juniper Zombie started my unusual Christmas tree hunt on the right foot when she pinged us about showing off her mad rad purple and black tree. We’ve got pics of it, more ideas on ways to recycle your wedding stuff.

Make a new area rug with $10 and 10 minutes

We are apartment-dwellers, which means we have shitty carpet. Maybe some apartment managers put in nice, expensive flooring that looks awesome after ten years, but our landlords didn’t. After ten years of parties, dogs, and one wild child, the carpet in our place is spotty, threadbare, and wrinkled in places.

When we made over our eight year old’s room recently, one thing we really wanted was a big area rug. Unfortunately, rugs are expensive. Lucky for us (and you), making a rug is easy and cheap!

I need to winter-proof my rental — are tapestries my only hope?

I’m wondering if there are any clever winter-proofing things I can do — I have visions in my head of castle-style wall tapestries in the bedroom to warm the freezing cold wall behind my back. Plausible?

How can we change institutional housing into a home?

People with impaired eyesight and hearing and those with limited mobility have come a long way since the days of homes for the enfeebled. What does it look like when we make it easier people with developmental and cognitive disabilites to live independently as well?