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Does choosing an LGBTQ+ label mean you're THAT forever?

Does choosing an LGBTQ+ label mean you’re THAT forever?

Some people have asked me: if I identify with a term today does that mean you always have to identify that way? The answer to that question can be complicated and contentious. Here’s my take: HELL FREAKING NO!

My heartfelt advice: Don’t worry so much about labels. Labels are great, but, in some ways, they’re also for cans.

Is anal sex like homeschooling? Eavesdropping on a human sexuality professor, Part 1

When I was in New York last month, I sat down for a chat with a friend of a friend who’s a professor of Human Sexuality, and we mused over about how anal sex is like homeschooling, the ethics of asking consent before you cry on a first date, and how the future of heterosexual marriage is all about gay marriage…

Labels vs. Constellations: sexuality for the next generation

A chosen or assigned label like “male,” “female,” “straight,” or “gay” will still never do justice to the wholeness of any human being, so why boil people down to those categories? It’s not about political correctness; it’s about a bigger-picture awareness of the fact that humans are fascinating multi-faceted beings.

What kind of sleepover rules should we establish for our bisexual teen?

A year-and-a-half ago our then fifteen-year-old daughter told me she was bisexual. She asked if a girl she’s experimented with can spend the night as a friend, but we’re not sure how to answer her question.

Passing for straight: parenting with a man as a queer woman

I hear some of you wondering “Then why bother telling him? If you’re monogamous with a man, aren’t you basically straight anyway? What does it matter what other people think?” All I can tell you is, it does matter. We are talking about no less than who I am, at my very foundation.

I’m a bisexual mama raising my child in queer-friendly home

Can you identify as bisexual and “reap heterosexuality’s benefits” by being pregnant?