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My aunt adopted my daughter: how I birthed my niece

In early 2008, I realized I was pregnant. Now to an outside observer it would seem a rather obvious outcome. I had just engaged in my first act of sexual intercourse, we didn’t use protection and I had no idea where I was on my cycle. I was 23 and had just started my second semester of college.

What I have learned about adoption, family and myself since the death of my birth mother

I am adopted. For me, it’s just normal. It’s not something I’m ashamed of or anything I have ever had a problem with. I’ve always known I was adopted and had quite a few peers and friends who are also adopted so there was no stigma. It was a closed adoption and at the time the identity of the woman who gave me up for adoption was not disclosed. That woman has recently passed away which has led me to look back and consider what it has meant to me to be adopted and look at the relationship we have had.

A gorgeous home birth of adoptive twins shot entirely in film

I am in loooove with these photos Jacklyn of Jacklyn Michele’s Photojournal sent me from a home birth for twins that she shot last month — they’re incredible. Even more incredible is that the birth mother gave birth in the home of the parents who adopted the babies — that’s some kind of gorgeous village right there!

What would you want to know about your child’s birth mother?

I gave birth to my baby boy almost two years ago. Due to circumstances out of my control in the creation of him, I placed him for adoption, and his new family adopted him a year ago. They’ve been wonderful — they write to me and tell me how he’s doing and always send pictures. It’s great.