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Condoms and coercion: a gynecologist searches for good, clean fun

…I was having casual sex, of course I was using condoms, that’s just what one does. Right?

I mean, while it was always my intention to use one, in all honesty, a condom did not always make its way onto a penis prior to its arrival in my vagina.

So, what’s wrong with me? I am a gynecologist! I have a Master’s degree in public health. If ANYONE knows better, it’s me…

Scars, costs, and regrets?: My tubal ligation FAQs

A few women have asked me about my tubal ligation, including a couple media outlets like ABC News and Huffington Post. As sterilization with the goal of never reproducing now seems to be a hot topic, I thought I would discuss a few frequently-asked questions. I hope this information helps other women who are thinking of making this decision for themselves.

Why I got my tubes tied before I turned 30

When I first broached the subject of permanent, non-hormonal birth control with my gynecologist, I wasn’t even considering a tubal ligation. I had originally been trying to decide between the copper IUD and Essure. IUDs (intrauterine devices) are not permanent, but they do last a while. Essure (spring devices that are implanted in your fallopian tubes) is a fairly new procedure that can be performed in your gyno’s office but is permanent. I was leaning toward Essure because it was permanent and would only cost an office co-pay until this happened: “If I were you, I would just get my tubes tied.”

How to track your cycles and chart your fertility without going super insane

So we all agree: Charting is a super, insanely useful way to get really amazingly in touch with your body and your cycles. But if you’re not careful, charting can drive you super insane. When you put a lot of time into something if it doesn’t immediately pay off, it can be emotionally and intellectually devastating. Based on what I learned during my 44 months of charting (…I KNOW), here’s a little guidance on how to chart without going super insane.

Relationship hack: I got rid of my one-sided birth control angst when my partner volunteered to handle the pills

I had vented my annoyance with those birth control pill blister packs to my husband multiple times. These damned packs… just one more frustrating element that the person with the baby-growing parts has to deal with that the partner doesn’t. Resentment breeding ground, is what I’m saying here. Until my husband volunteered to handle those damn things himself.

Have you switched from the pill to Fertility Awareness Method?

I’ve been on the combined pill as contraception constantly for 12 years. It was a choice of convenience and availability back in the day, and I’ve just stuck with it after I met the man who became my husband last year. He’s never really had to participate in any contraception decisions with me, because I’d made a default decision before I met him. We are thinking that kids are definitely on the cards, but not just yet. My husband likes the pill because it is reliable, easy and he doesn’t have to think about it. But I’m really sick and tired of the pill.

What are your experiences with the new generation IUDs?

as anyone used a new-generation intrauterine device (IUD)? My doctor brought it up, and it sounds like a great form of birth control. I like the idea of local medical interventions (a hormone-relasing IUD) when possible, rather than systemic (the pill). However, I frankly am still a little creeped out by something in my uterus. Clearly everyone should only take medical advice from their doctors, but I am asking for personal advice here. Have any Offbeat readers had favorable or negative experiences with one of the new generation IUDs? How did it fit into your lifestyle?

What are my longish-term birth control options?

I’m a mama to the best two little boys around…and would not like to have any more. Yep, my husband and I are in mega-agreement that two kids are plenty for us. I’m motivated to check out other options that don’t require a daily commitment until my husband is ready for the big V. So, what longish term birth control do you use and why?