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Outdoor TV, kawaii piggy bank, and one big pink house in this week’s reader photos

Hi Homies! Let’s tiptoe through the tulips of the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and see what everyone’s been up to lately.

And in this week’s collection of Clicky Links, you’ll find bento boxes, bike baskets, and a magic remote.

Do you wish you had kept your car — or does car-less life ROCK?

People who have owned a car, but decided to get rid of it: what was the transition like? What do you do if you have an emergency or need to run to the store in the middle of the night? How do you haul large stuff around? And most importantly: do you regret the decision… or do you love it?

What I’ve learned in two years of bicycling with my child + front-mounted kid seats we love

Back in 2010 I wrote about picking a bicycle seat for our then-one-and-a-half-year-old. That toddler has now grown into a full-fledged kid (he’ll be three soon! You guys!), and also recently graduated from his bicycle seat (we’ve been using the Bobike Mini Seat). We’ve spent the last few weeks looking for something new, and here are my favorites of the options we saw and a few things I’ve learned about bicycling with our child on-board.

What you need to know about safe urban biking — and general effective bike use

Many people (including me) are initially intimidated by biking through city traffic. Urban biking can be safe when done right. I can help you make your bike commute safer, smoother, and faster. Let’s ride!

Make it easy to use bike-centered transportation

Bicycling brought me together with my sweetie, Timo, and we were car-free when we got together. Here’s how we make it easy to depend on our bikes.

It has been bike month! Enjoy this art and clothing to celebrate your mobile passion

I kept meaning to do bike month posts, but also kept letting them slip off my editorial calendar. S’okay, this post will help ease the pain.

Becoming a mom motivated me to learn to ride a bike

I wouldn’t say bike riding was a phobia, but I was 22 and I didn’t know how to ride. There was definitely a psychological part to it, but mostly I was just embarrassed. When you’re five, you’re fearless! When you’re 22, not so much.

The challenges of picking out a bike seat or carrier for your toddler

When it came time to find a bike seat or carrier for Jasper, I was all kinds of crazy — too worried to have him in a cart behind me, not sure about having a seat placed where I couldn’t see him, etc. THEN, I discovered the Bobike Mini – a bike seat that goes on the FRONT of the bike!