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Russian goth mama

Some of you may remember a while back when I featured this Russian goth wedding on Offbeat Bride. Well, Pushba and Grater have gone on to have a child, and Moscow photographer Lesta‘s photos of the two of them with their daughter Lada are simply stunning…For more of Lesta’s amazing photos of this Russian family […]

Beer lovin’ baby

Seriously, if you can’t have fun with your kids then what is the point?! Thanks to kateler for submitting this awesome photo to the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool! If you have photos of you or your kids you’d like to share, please upload them to our Flickr pool. We love looking at ’em!

Why yes, these are steampunk baby booties

For your little neo-Victorian who needs a pair of spats-styled, multi-buttoned, lace-enhanced shoes for their next dirigible ride, may I present to you the cutest purple steampunk baby booties evar?!

One Love Photo family photography

Heather and Jon of One Love Photo have been featured on Offbeat Bride for their wedding photography, but it turns out we’re in luck because they do gorgeous family photography as well! They sent over some of their favorite recent shoots and they’re scrumptious. Not only do they do maternity photos, they also do family […]

Rock ‘n’ roll baby shoes

I know y’all don’t know me all that well so here’s a little tidbit: I’m married to a rock star. No, women don’t make a habit of throwing their underwear at him whenever he goes out in public, and he never wears mascara anymore, but still. A rock star. He played in a band when […]

My favorite family pix from Pixie Vision Productions

I’ve featured Pixie Vision Productions‘ wedding photography on Offbeat Bride, but who knew that Pixie also does fucking awesome offbeat family portraits? I mean, I guess I should have guessed … after all, those offbeat weddings often go on to produce offbeat families! That said, Pixie’s unique spin on unique families produces portraits that totally […]

Gender neutral clothes & the official palette of newborns

My parents tried to raise me in relatively gender neutral clothing, and I fought it every step of the way. Mom would dress me in brown second-hand cords and yellow tshirts, only to be foiled by my paternal grandmother sending me Little House easter dresses from Sears, which I vastly preferred.