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How to maintain relationships with difficult family members

My little brother will be 23 this year he’s had issues with alcohol, drugs, and just general defiance since he was 12 or 13. He has said horrible things to me, to my husband, and to my mother on different occasions. He has shown up to holidays drunk and late and a bunch of other stuff too (I try not to keep track). No matter what he does he’s still my brother and I love him and I decided I’m not going to cut him out of my life. I’m going to give you my advice for dealing with a difficult sibling or family member you want to keep in your life.

How to tell family you’re childfree

Where are my fellow child-free Homies? Your insight is needed! Offbeat Families reader, Haymaker, has a mom-in-law who is desperate for she and her husband to give her MORE grandkids. But they have NO plans on having children. Like, EVER. Head over to Offbeat Families to help a sister out!

How to deal with moving back home with your parents

I recently moved back in with my parents.  This is because I made the decision to stop working full-time, go back to university, and make an attempt to “concentrate on my writing” (as obnoxious as that sounds).  I have lived out of home for over four years – the entirety of my adult life! – and as you can probably imagine, quite a bit has changed at my childhood home in that time.

I’ve learned a few things from my time back at home — pull up a chair and let me tell you why you should think twice before demanding a juice box, or bringing a one night stand home to your parents’ house.

How to live with your in-laws while still feeling like an adult and maintaining your autonomy

Loads of us are shacking up with in-laws to save money, but it’s not always easy to feel good about being in the ‘rents house. Luckily, Offbeat Bride’s Community Manager Ang has a WEALTH of ideas on bringing your style to a prohibitive cohabitation situation.