We pulled off a Star Wars Day birthday party for our six-year-old in under six hours

Guest post by Annalea Hart

I sprained my ankle on my son’s birthday (March 17) — which basically axed plans for his birthday party that day. Well, it only took us a month-and-a-half, but we finally got around to celebrating the day with his friends around.

The Internet was ablaze with Star Wars Day references on May 4. At first I was bummed — why didn’t I think of it as a possible date? Then it hit me: if Luca’s friends were available, why not throw a last minute party? After a flurry of phone calls, I secured attendance from most of the invitees by noon.

Setting it up

We dug around online and discovered Yoda Sodas. These are pretty easy to make (you only need limes, sugar, sparkling water, and lime sherbet or sorbet).

I had the idea to use a dry-erase marker so the boys could keep track of their drinking glasses. They also loved having personalized glasses from which to sip!


Luckily, we already had plenty of Star Wars-related memorabilia lying around: mini-Darth Vader & co. and lightsabers are all over this place!


We turned the party into a movie night with a copy of The Clone Wars. We knew going into it we didn’t have time to plan a whole evening’s worth of activities and games. I also cruised the Target dollar aisle and scored plastic popcorn boxes — after the movie we washed them out, and they doubled as a favor box.


I made brownie and mint ice cream sandwiches upon Luca’s request (green for Yoda, of course!). I downloaded a Star Wars-esque font from dafont.com and used it to make a simple birthday banner that we then taped to the mirror.

We ended up with a very happy Padawan at the end of the day. This last-minute party definitely counts as a success in my book.

Comments on We pulled off a Star Wars Day birthday party for our six-year-old in under six hours

  1. I love how you created this in such a short amount of time and probably for very little money as well. And had one very happy birthday boy to boot!

    • so sorry for replying this late. but, for anyone interested, i made the cookies out of brownie batter. (oh so yummy) and simply filled with softened ice cream when cool. wrap in wax paper and set back in the freezer to firm up before serving.

  2. This is slightly unrelated, but I am currently 5 months pregnant and we aren’t finding out the gender… I LOVE the name Luca and have been trying to convince my partner for months, but he wants nothing to do with it. I’d happily choose another name if I could actually find another boys name I liked! This is very frustrating for me…

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