A pyro artist DILF and his bus-traveling family

Guest post by Linda Lagunas Atwood

Photo by Esther Harlow
I met my DILFy offbeat dad 15 years ago at the opening of an art installation called Defenestration here in San Francisco. He was standing on a soapbox in his boxers with his leg cocked up pretending to be Stork Boy for the Circus Redickuless. I took one look at him and said to myself, “That’s the man for me!”

After he stood me up for on our first date claiming food poisoning I put him on the back burner figuring he wasn’t interested. Witnesses confirmed to me years later that he was indeed wretchedly sick and I am indeed a complete idiot. Girlfriends and boyfriends came and went, as did 6 years, when we were brought together again for a tour to the Tultepec Pyrotechnics Festival in Mexico with the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo.

I got on that bus and never left and we’ve been touring together ever since.

After 7 years we married last October. Julian Django Atwood was born June 15th, 2010. Don’t do the math. It’s scandalous.

He’s the spitting image of his handsome papa- same cleft chin and dimples. 10 months of pregnancy and 15 hours of labor and all I have to show for it is the baby’s earlobes.

Julian’s first show was 4th of July, and he joined us on the big yellow bus with his papa at the helm bus and we began touring together as family.

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  1. Hot! (Haha.) My husband and babydaddy is also a cyclist and a bit of a pyro. He had a wild youth, so some people who knew him “back when” are horrified that he’s having a baby. But he is truly a wonderful man, an attentive and loving husband, and I know he will be a wonderful father. And he’s sexy! Like this guy.

    Does anyone know where one could purchase a “DILF” t-shirt? 😉

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