Where do I find offbeat glassware that’s life-proof?

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21FCyMc3+iLLess than a year after my wedding, all my fabulous glassware (the Mikasa Cheers collection) is breaking!

My partner and I don’t have kids or a dishwasher, so if these glasses can’t stand up to our mild daily abuses, there’s no way we’re purchasing the same kind again. But we still want something fun and funky, and that’s turning out to be hard to find.

How do you find glassware that’s offbeat and still strong enough to survive a few years of normal wear and tear? -Charlie

You’ve come to the right place, Charlie! I have the Mikasa Cheers wine glasses. I love them SO MUCH that — knowing their penchant for breaking — I ask for a set of the same wine glasses for Christmas every year. Yeah. Nutty.

So if other Homies out there have suggestions for funky glassware that I don’t have to re-purchase every year, Charlie and I would be so grateful.

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  1. Consider etching your own. Its fun and you can buy cheap pint glasses which can take a huge beating and then etch cool designs into them. I found cool designs online with pirates, dragons, owls….

    • I love that idea! I’ve read that results from those etching solutions are sometimes less than thrilling – have you used one that you particularly like?

  2. This may sound silly, but thrift stores are wonderful for durable glassware, especially if you are not picky about every piece matching. Many of these pieces have already stood the test of time.

  3. I had this same problem when i first moved in with my partner, we used to break glasses, plates, bowels-you name it. We went through 2 sets of wine glasses in a year! i should probably mention this all happened because we were both so clumsy. So we decided to try and practice mindfulness-by making a game of it! we wrote both of our names on the fridge and would add a tally against our name when we broke something, because we both like winning, it’s pretty competitive and a very good intensive to be more mindful 🙂

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