Annabelle’s non-pink bird-themed bedroom

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Annabelle's Bedroom

Annabelle’s bedroom is pretty sweet — the overall vibe is delicate, without heavy use of pinks and purples. I looove the way her mom, Viktoria, worked birds into the room’s theme. It’s all very subtle, but cool at the same time. Here’s what Viktoria had to say about the room:

When it came to decorating my daughter’s bedroom, I knew pink and purple were definitely out! Instead, I opted for “grown-up” prints in fun colors, and there is a bit of a bird motif throughout. My ultra handy husband did all the trim work himself!

Her bed is a hand-me-down from her brother — it was unfinished pine so I painted and stenciled it. The room is a little tight, so to save room I put her dresser inside her closet and the little alcove ended up being the perfect size for the play kitchen (psst: you can learn to make one here!).

Annabelle's Bedroom

Annabelle's Bedroom

Annabelle's Bedroom

Annabelle's Bedroom

You can see more of Annabelle’s room on Flickr.

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Comments on Annabelle’s non-pink bird-themed bedroom

  1. Beautiful room! I love the gray with the pops of saturated color.

    Please take this comment knowing that parents know best for their families: but we recently learned that those bedside rails are possible suffocation hazards. The child slips slightly into the bulge of the mesh, even just their bottom leaning into it, and their esophagus is pressed against the side edge of the mattress in a slow suffocation. I didn’t know this and we had one on our son’s bed too, but after reading it about it removed it. It’s especially not recommended for toddler beds (I don’t know what kind of bed is in this room). I hate being the downer, I’m sorry. I was just really freaked out when I learned the quiet danger of these bedside rails and wanted to share to people could look it up themselves.

  2. I love the room and the sweet and delicate vibe. Very cute!
    I also adore your girl’s name, Annabelle. Been thinking about using it as a middle name if we ever have a little girl. =) My mom’s middle name is Ann, and Belle could be a play off of Michelle. Thought it was a cute way to sort of combine the two.

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