A neurology nerd dad with a penchant for ice cream

Guest post by Emily Huda

My now husband, Craig, and I started dating when I was a single mother and in school. Craig, a neurology nerd, worked long and tedious shifts but still managed to see us several times a week even though we lived almost 40 minutes away from each other.

From the very beginning, Craig and Kyler bonded in ways I have never imagined. Kyler took to Craig like white on rice and it was evident in all the cuddling and huggies and kissies. Craig accepted Kyler as his own well before we ever said, “I do.”

Craig works hard all day yet still manages to come home to greet us with a smile on his face. He appreciates everything I do as a mother, even the silly things like setting off the smoke alarm when I “cook” dinner. He tells Kyler and I everyday how much he loves us and the reasons WHY. He feeds us copious amounts of ice cream when we are sad and builds monster forts in the living room to hear Kyler laugh. He has shared everything he knows with us — from fishing and camping to how to use watercolors to paint the perfect sunset.

We are pretty lucky to have Craig in our life. He is gentle and caring, loving and heartfelt and he chose the two of us from all the fish in the sea… and we couldn’t be happier.

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