Time management hack: Iron your wrinkly clothes while you dry your hair!

Guest post by Jax
Hair dryers, they're not just for drying hair anymore…
Hair dryers, they’re not just for drying hair anymore…

I had a baskets! moment this morning. I was wearing a cotton stretch polo and, of course, the boob area was smooth and wrinkle free but not-so-much for the rest of the shirt. What to do?

Well I had to blow dry my hair still, so I started blow drying the shirt and smoothing it with my hand. And you know what? It worked! I was able to release the wrinkles in the most obvious areas. I will definitely need to try this more often.

Comments on Time management hack: Iron your wrinkly clothes while you dry your hair!

  1. Awesome! I take cotton stuff into the shower with me and hang it up where the water won’t hit it. Helps steam the wrinkles out of lighter fabric. The hair dryer trick will be great with heavier stuff!

  2. I hate ironing, so I smooth out wrinkles with squirting the area with a spray bottle of water and then smoothing with my hands. Pair that with the hairdryer and you’ve got a good method!

  3. I haven’t used a hair dryer for hair in years, but its great for
    1/ warming up cold socks on winter mornings
    2/making the seals on food containers more flexible so you can close ’em and get the leftovers in the freezer

  4. For clothes without any metallic bits, you can spritz them with water and pop ’em in the microwave for a few seconds– no more than that, though, because you can overdo it: I once burned a bunch of holes into my favorite shirt that way.

  5. Before I start my makeup ritual, I throw wrinkly clothes in the dryer on low with a couple of clean towels (and maybe a dryer sheet, if it’s something that needs refreshing). They’re always de-wrinkled and nice smelling by the time I’m primped and ready to get dressed!

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