How to throw a pawsitively perfect dog birthday party

Guest post by Minerva Siegel

If you think that pets are part of the family, why not throw them birthday parties, too!? Don’t worry if you don’t know your pet’s actual birthdate, you can celebrate their “gotcha day” or “adoptiversary”!

Here’s how to plan the perfect party for your pet!

Where, oh where?

A lot of boarding facilities offer birthday packages, complete with pup-cakes! Look into your options locally. If you’re celebrating a special feathered friend or reptilian/amphibious buddy, having the celebration in the comfort of their home is probably best. I chose to have a party for my mutt, Rumpelstiltskin, at my house this year!


There are a lot of great birthday cake options for dogs out there, such as this grain-free cheesecake with a coconut crust formulated specially for dogs, or even maple bacon ice cream for dogs! Give feline friends their favorite canned food topped with a little spattering of yummy treats! If you’re in the mood for some DIY, this treat recipe is great, because it can be easily modified to suit cats, dogs, and even other small, furry critters. Treat your pet to something scrumptious! (And species-appropriate — let’s not make them sick!)

The more, the merrier

If your little birthday superstar gets along well with others, invite their friends! Make doggy- or kitty-bags full of treats for your furry guests so they don’t feel left out, and be sure to supervise them closely! You know your pet — if they would be uncomfortable celebrating with other pets, don’t force them to. We all know how quickly tussles can happen!

Invite your friends, too

It may be your pet’s special day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time, too! A pet birthday is a great excuse to have a party with humans too. Invite your friends and celebrate with themed cake (made in a cute paw print mold, maybe?), drinks, and a solid round or two of my party staple, Cards Against Humanity.

Keeping it small is usually best to avoid overwhelming your pet, but some animals, like very outgoing dogs, really thrive on a lot of commotion and attention, so just be sure to keep your pet’s comfort in mind when deciding how big of a bash to throw them!


Is your fur-friend’s bed looking a little sad? Could your feather-baby use a new perch? Maybe treat your reptilian bestie to a new water bowl. Spoil your pet! And, if they’re able, even let them help unwrap the presents.


Don’t forget to document your pet’s special day. Make or buy a cute background, bust out some props (party hats, birthday bandanas, confetti, if you don’t mind a mess?) and take some pics. For Rumpel’s birthday, I blew up colorful balloons and hung pom-pom garland around my apartment. Even those simple, inexpensive touches made my whole place look festive!

Down time

All the commotion of a birthday can be overwhelming after a while for some pets. Make sure your special little friend stays comfortable, and give them some down time if they need a break from festivities.

Stick to these tips and your furry/feathered/scaley friend is sure to have a fantastic day!

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  1. This showed up just at the right time! I am planning a birthday party for my dog that turns 2 in September. Starting with a trip to the dog park to get him all tired out and then refreshments at the house. My parents and sister don’t know it yet but they will be invited. I don’t have kids and aren’t planning on any so I might as well plan a party for my fur-baby!

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