Fall, feet-first, down Ariel's glittery boots rabbit hole…


glittery boots

Over on our sister site, Ariel has dug up some amazing glittery boot finds. Like these clear and glittery beauties that are only $50! As Ariel said…

I picture a few Sock Dream socks under these babies, with their sparkly soles and… oh man. Do these count as rain boots, even?

Inspired by these, I decided to go down the rabbit hole of glitter boots. I feel like these could be great for a winter wedding (glitter peeking out from under your hem, as you stand in the snow!), but realistically they could just be great for anything. Let's lace up, and glitter out.

Head over to Offbeat Bride to fall, feet-first, down the glittery, shine-y, disco-y rabbit hole!

  1. *sees boots*
    *loves boots*
    *desperately wants boots*
    *hopes desperately that by some miracle they come in my size*
    *should have known better not to get my hopes up*

    Maybe someday they'll make a mens' version or something. Yeah right. :'(

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