14 gifts for dapper, artistic types that will make even the hipster-iest hipster excited

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I got this request via Twitter: “Any plans to do a gift guide for the dapper artsy-type people in our lives? I’m totally stumped for my brother-in-law and could use some ideas.” My response: “I suspect he may be suffering from hipsterism. But it’s okay! I can help.”

But Megan, you might respond, isn’t “hipster” a bad word? Meh, I’ll say back to you, that’s debatable. Living in LA, I’m surrounded by hipsters, and I’ve seen the hipster backlash go from “don’t call us that,” to “okay, yeah, that’s totally me.”

Forget skinny jeans and slouchy beanies, these gifts will make even the pickiest hipster say, “okay, yeah, that’s totally me”…

Fyxation Leather Yoga Mat Holder, BrownMade out of locally sourced and quality genuine leather, the elegant Fyxation Yoga Mat Holder was designed to make the transport of your yoga mat (or blanket?) comfortable yet stylish, whether you’re on your bike or on foot.

Crosley Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable (Tweed) The Crosley Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable (in tweed) is perfect for the picky music snob who only likes listening to vinyl. Now their music selection can be “portable.”

Coffeesock Coldbrew Kit The Coffeesock Coldbrew Kit is a reusable, organic cotton filter and jar, for perfect cold brew every time!

stone slab
Got a dapper hipster who loves to entertain? This marble cutting board just may be their favorite gift. Or you could get “lumbersexual” with this log tray.

Show them that you appreciate their perfectly cultivated facial hair with the “Grave Before Shave” Beard Pack.

map art printsMaps! Stylish bitches love them some maps. Whether it’s the golden state of California print or a New York City map, Minted has an awesome collection of map prints.

sloth water bottleSpreading the message of rainforest conservation, saving the environment by not using plastic bottles, AND a weird drawing of a sloth? This water bottle has it all.

please ring door matMod Cloth calls this the “please ring doormat” I call this, “hi, a dapper hipster lives here.” It’s awesome.

Style snobs be loving their fashion inpsiration. Gift them the “Vintage Menswear: A Collection from The Vintage Showroom” by Josh Sims.

Face Plant Here Decorative Throw Pillow Face Plant Here Decorative Throw Pillow. Unless they’re the rare self-aware hipster and then you should totally gift them the Hashtag Hipster decorative pillow for teh LOLZ.

Pint Glasses That Stay Cold How about these Pint Glasses That Stay Cold? Perfect for the mixologist, the gift set includes four extra freezing “dimples” that magnetically attach to glass. They’re similar to whiskey stones (also a good gift idea!), but no washing required.

Try It, Yule Love It! MugSpeaking of mixologists, these copper mugs are tarnish-resistant, and will keep their Moscow Mules frosty and festive.

big lebowski coaster setThis is probably my favorite thing I’ve found for this gift guide. The Big Lebowski coaster set is really going to tie the room together for the movie snob in your life.

These also come in:

Cord Tacos Cord Tacos are pretty much the coolest small gift that everyone will not only love, but they totally need and don’t even know it. Then they could say they had a cord taco before it was cool.

Any brave self-identified hipsters in the house? What are you most wishing for this year?

Comments on 14 gifts for dapper, artistic types that will make even the hipster-iest hipster excited

  1. Wow! I didn’t realize that I was a hipster but the “okay, yeah, that’s totally me.” comment could apply to almost everything here (expect the Beard pack – I’m a woman). Does your brother-in-law have any available friends? lol.

  2. My sister is not a hipster but she’s obsessed with sloths so I got her that water bottle for her birthday last year (or maybe the year before that). At that pint at least it was going out of stock frequently (hence the birthday over x-mas gift) so if you see it and want it get it!

  3. Dapper queer probable hipster here–with a hope in my heart for some classic LL Bean boots under the tree.

    Along the same lines as Trish–thanks for not using male pronouns in this post. Plenty of dapper women in this world! In fact, if you’re shopping for one, may I suggest the Qwear Fashion blog and shop: http://www.qwearfashion.com

      • These beauties. Handmade in Maine out of rubber, leather & steel, like a badass.

        They will let me pretend that my job at the zoo involves more muck than writing. One of my coworkers lives in these and the only reason I haven’t stolen them directly off her feet is because they are smaller feet than mine.

  4. Love the post, but just a a word of warning about the leather yoga mat carry strap. A large number of yogi are vegetarian so a leather strap may not be good in this case as it may offend either the student or teacher

    • A large number of yogi are vegetarian…

      As the spouse of a yoga teacher, I’m not sure I would make this generalization any more. 10 years ago it was for sure, but at least here in Seattle/Portlandia, there’s been a big shift in our hippie/yoga friend circle towards prioritizing ethical, sustainable omnivorousness (locavore, family-farmed organic meats, etc) over veganism and vegetarianism. My husband is a classic example of this: he was vegan for 17 years, and decided a few years ago that the food industry had changed and his priorities had changed too.

      Anyway, of course one should always be careful when purchasing leather as a gift, but at least in this little corner of the yoga world, I don’t see nearly as much vegetarianism as I used to.

  5. i can personally vouch for those copper mugs, whether you are enjoying a moscow mule or any other delicious cocktail….they keep them COLD. seriously COLD, even at a music festival in california in july. and they are beautiful and make your countertop look all snazzy when stacked there waiting for happy hour. 😉

  6. If you’ve got Michigan roots or big love for Detroit, I highly recommend Shinola leather products, vintage watches, and bicycles for the hipster in your life. My hipster husband got me a lovely red Shinola wallet for Christmas last year and I absolutely adore it, and get a lot of compliments on it. Each item is marked with a unique serial number and given with a certificate of authenticity.

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