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I want to buy out RockerByeBaby’s ENTIRE STOCK

Yesterday on Offbeat Bride, we profiled Amber, a tatted-up bride who runs the most adorable Etsy store called RockerByeBaby. And holy shit, this stuff is CUTE people. They’ve got blankets ranging from rockabilly, to sugary guitars, to vintage tattoo, pirates and guh: more. Much more. They’ll do custom crib bedding that’s so awesome that I’m […]

Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife

This book? Is awesome. I couldn’t put it down, in fact. It’s the memoir of a woman who worked as a midwife her entire life and chronicles her experiences from nursing school to the end of her career. She writes about how childbirth was approached when she was in nursing school during the early 1960s, […]

Mustache baby onesie

Ok, we all know about the long-standing Offbeat Bride obsession with mustaches, right? Well, lest you think mustaches are just a wedding thing — I present to you, this triple mustache onesie. Perfect for your mustachioed hipster baby … that little dastardly devil who keeps you up at night. Really, more babies should have mustaches. […]

Kid’s noise cancelling headphones: all the fun with none of the hearing damage

Our little roadie at her best. Angelene (aka A.Jams) is seen here with her rockstar headphones, the Peltor Junior Earmuffs. They come in tons of colors.

Self-rescuing princess t-shirt – You’re darn right

I am probably betraying my geekier sensibilities here, but if we end up having a daughter this is exactly the kind of message I want her to send to the world: Seriously, I can’t think of a better shirt for a little girl to wear around. Why not give her a head start in feeling […]

This pirate skull tutu — does it come in adult sizes?

Ok, so since we’re talking about princess phases … clearly, I’m still stuck in mine. This is one of those outfits that makes me regress a little. The zebra-print ribbon? The skull applique? The ridiculousness of the tulle? So, until I find out if my unborn son likes tutus, trucks, or both at the same […]

Silk wrap skirts, for when you can’t be bothered by maternity jeans

So there I was, lamenting the sad state of maternity pants in the world when one of the good mamas from the Twitter universe chimed in with a great idea: Forgo pants altogether. Who needs pants? Pants are awkwardly sized, too short, and a general nuisance. Dispense with them altogether and wear pretty, flowy skirts! […]

Why yes, these are steampunk baby booties

For your little neo-Victorian who needs a pair of spats-styled, multi-buttoned, lace-enhanced shoes for their next dirigible ride, may I present to you the cutest purple steampunk baby booties evar?!