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I’ve got a parenting question!

How do I mention body autonomy with children's haircuts?

How do I discuss body autonomy regarding children’s haircuts?

I was visiting my brother who is a new step-parent to four children, three of whom are boys. He had decided to give all three of the boys buzz cuts for the summer. The oldest, who is 14, was protesting this and wanted to keep his hair his usual length. My brother, an admittedly more old skool type of guy, insisted on the haircut despite his stepson’s request.

I wanted to say something about body autonomy, but resisted the urge. How do you think I should have handled that situation?

How to know when your kid is old enough to be left alone

Our daughter is almost 10. I believe she would be fine on her own for an hour, and I feel confident that she knows how to call 911, who to go to for help, etc., But, what do you guys think… At what age are kids ready to be left alone?

Where can I find children’s books about LGBT adoptive families?

My wife and I are currently in the middle of adopting! I keep on looking for adoption books to collect and share with our future wee ones, but all of the adoption kid’s books I find always have a mommy and daddy on them. Where oh where can I find the unicorns that are two-mom adoption books?

My step-son is worried we won’t love him if we have a kid: how can we reassure him?

I’m engaged to marry the love of my life next year. We’ve been together for four years, and I’ve been a step-mother to his eleven-year-old for three-and-a-half of those four years. I really love this kid — I often feel like he could be my own child, and we have a special “just us” language we regularly use. My step-son has repeatedly told us that he doesn’t want us to have a child of our own. His dad and I do plan to have a child, and since we’re older it’ll probably be sooner than later.

What are the best plus-size options for baby-wearing?

I am expecting my second son and I think it would really help my chaotic life if I was able to cart this kiddo around without a stroller. My first son had some health issues that made baby wearing not a possibility for us, so I do not have much experience picking the best options. Since I am a big gal I’m wondering if some products work better for larger bodies. My partner is also chubby and proud so suggestions for big papas would also be helpful!

How can I diplomatically talk to my in-laws about smoking around my kid?

I feel very strongly that I don’t want my child to spend time in my in-laws home. I love my in-laws. They are kind, generous people, and I absolutely would want my kid to have a relationship with them. The problem is that they are very heavy (cigarette) smokers who smoke (a lot) inside their home. Every time I go to their home, the smell of smoke assaults me at the door and lingers on my clothes and hair so that I pretty much have to shower immediately when I leave their home and sometimes have to sit outside to get away from it so I can breathe properly.

I’m a new Pagan and I’m expecting: how do I continue to explore both identities?

My husband and I have recently found that that after a mere six months of marriage I’m pregnant. We’re happy but surprised: we were told by my doctor that conceiving would be more difficult since I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I’ve recently decided to explore the path of Wicca, but since I’m new to Wicca and pregnancy I’m lost.

How do you reconnect with emotionally abusive parents while protecting yourself?

My sister and I have emotionally abusive parents. They say that they want to be there for us now, but don’t know how to change. I don’t know how to explain to them how to start building proper parent-child relationships. I’d really appreciate some ideas on how to do this.