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I had a miscarriage, and I’m surprisingly ok

When I did a search about not being depressed after a miscarriage, I shouldn’t have been surprised that I didn’t find much. No one wants to be judged for not feeling the way she’s “supposed” to feel. But you know what? I really am feeling just fine.

Why we switched to a midwife 32 weeks into our pregnancy

My decision to switch to this midwife group turned out to be so essential to the beautiful success of my birth not because I got the unmedicalized birth, but because I ended up with a medicalized one.

Buying Time: A feminist mom gets humbled

As a parent, I have accepted and even come to cherish the stages of development my kids weave in and out of … but I also more-recently realized, someday in the not-so-distant future, this little girl is going to fall in love, have sex, and quite likely have her heart broken.

Keeping our Offbeatlings upbeat in the face of gender judgement

The world is a difficult place for children… how can a sensitive child feel free to express himself differently from others in a world where “different” is “bad?”

Queer parenting decisions: choosing a known sperm donor

Queer families have many questions to consider when planing a family: adopt or conceive? Who will carry? Should we choose someone we know to donate an egg/sperm?

Choosing to move beyond your past to become a parent

Michelle is a brand-new mama who is still getting the hang of things, especially when she wasn’t totally sure she was going to be a mom, ever, in the first place.

Everybody deals with death differently: my advice for how to talk to those of us who’ve lost a child

At the dentist, getting my nails done, meeting new people, often times the fact that I have a son who has passed away (how’s that one sound?) ends up coming up in the conversation. I worry about it often because it’s not something most people are prepared to handle talking about. Should you be overly sympathetic? Ignore it?