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Becoming Parents

If you’re definitely GAME ON when it comes to having kids, this is the place for you! You can read birth stories, adoption tales, and the different ways having kids might impact your relationships.

How we’re handling our surprise pregnancy

We were in what many people would consider a “dream” situation for a first child. My husband and I had been married for over two years, we own the place where we live and we both have reasonably stable jobs. Despite all of this, I was devastated to find myself pregnant. I felt totally unprepared for this major life change — like I had been cheated out of the second half of my twenties, like I hadn’t gotten enough time alone with my husband. I was numb for about 36 hours after we found out.

The day my partner adopted our daughter

My partner recently adopted our daughter — the one she has parented since birth — and simultaneously everything and nothing about our family changed .

Babycrack: when wanting a baby gets weird

What is babycrack? It’s that irrational little voice in your head telling you yesssss, you want a babeeeee. Even if you can barely pay your rennnnnt…

Coming out of the infertility closet

I struggled with infertility for five years before conceiving my son … and a big part of the challenge was the fact that it was a secret. Maybe it’s time to tell my story. You should know, this is a long, long story.