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These posts cover all the ephemera of having people in your offbeat home.

Theme parties aren’t just for kiddies

If you haven’t thrown a theme party since you were eight, you’re overdue. Use these guidelines and ideas to get going on imaginative grown-up themed throwdowns.

The best online invitations: get party details across without looking froofy or cookie-cutter

Hand-written invites are lovely but face it: you don’t have time to mess with them for every little get-together.

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

When guests won’t go and you’re too Midwestern polite to ask them to leave, are there other options?

Breakfast club: the brunch potluck that will transform your concept of parties

Here’s why you should start having your parties in the morning, even if you’re a nightlife denizen.

Entertaining Offbeat Eaters: feeding all the different diets at your party

It’s basic party planning: “What can I serve?” Kids these days have all sorts of dietary requirements and it can throw a wrench in party planning. Let’s talk about Offbeat Eaters.

A party for big and small: how to throw a video game challenge

Video games long ago left the realm of just-for-kids and many Fully Grown Adults maintain healthy gaming habits. Planning a party around a game makes a fun night no matter your attendees. Read on and plan your throwdown.

Have this party: popcorn bar and double feature

Princess Lasteron, who many of you know from her felt/button bouquets, but who we’ve featured on Offbeat Mama several times, recently started a series of posts called “Have this party.”