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Even the most Offbeat Lite among us likes to wear their freak flag on their sleeve sometimes, so we’re happy to share our insights about not-mainstream fashion.

How to turn your bathroom cupboard into a cat box

Behind that door is a cat box. This bathroom cupboard didn’t have any shelves inside. So I put a piece of carpet down, added a cat door and the cat box is inside!

How can I brighten up my red hair without frying it?

I’ve gotten sick of killing my hair with dye, but I still want to brighten it up. I need to learn a less frizz-forming way to kick up my red head.

How do I remove hair dye from the bathroom wall?

I dye my hair black on a regular basis, and I’m also a clumsy oaf. My bathroom wall has many spots of blueish-black. How can I resolve this messy problem?

What do you wear when you work from home?

This isn’t really advice so much as that I’m new to this, so I thought I’d ask: what do other at-home workers wear, day to day? Does it make a difference what you wear?