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We launched as Offbeat Home in 2011, but it has become clear that the site is about much more. In 2013, we relaunched as Offbeat Home & Life, with an expanded focus on Relationships, Budget & Career, Travel, and Style. This is the category for the non-home/rest of life stuff!

Yes, I’m a mom with a mohawk

I would be foolish to think that hair is more important than the precious time I have with my son, but I know who I am as an individual, as a mother and most importantly as a role model for my son.

Fierce diabetic mom-to-be refuses to let the ‘betes keep her down

I am not a shy, vulnerable, brittle diabetic. I am fierce, and I am looking for my fellow fierce, pancreatic-challenged tribe.

Heck yes you can be a mom and write a novel too!

I wrote three pages for my novel this morning. Not in the loveliness of silence and time to myself where the brain is functioning and uninterrupted. No. I wrote in the chaos of post-breakfast, children running around the house pretending to be dinosaurs or cats or superheroes or whatever it was they were pretending to be.

Why you should forget the mothering magazines

The hardest part of being a mother is trying to be a mother. Let me clarify: The hardest part of being a mother is trying to be the mother everyone tells you you must be.

I left the music festival because it was too loud: Untangling the threads of a impending offbeat mama identity crisis

My identity as an electronic music fan (yes, ok fine: raver) dates back to 1996. But things shifted when I got pregnant.

How maternity fashion is keeping me sane

Have y’all heard of Wardrobe Remix? It’s this Flickr group where people post photos of their real, everyday outfits.

Resist the urge to compare

It’s OK to absolutely freaking love being a Mom. You can do that, and embrace it, and that experience can define you as much as other experiences in your life. It’s not mutually exclusive to being your own woman and your own individual.