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Take a close-up look at real Offbeat Homes of all shapes, sizes and flavors.

A bitty Spanish apartment with BIG color and 19th century brick ceilings

In a post straight out of House Hunters International, we’re touring a 6th floor walkup in Barcelona. This place has it all: hardwood, Eames furniture, a European balcony and — oh. 160 year-old curved brick ceilings.

Ellen and Jake’s spacious, colorful apartment FULL of art

We’re not JUST looking at art here, kids — we’re looking at lots of sexy art. Sexy art in a beautiful, light-filled space with eclectic furniture and two artists.

Carrie Anne’s thrifted paradise in cookie-cutter suburbia

Carrie Anne’s family found themselves deep in suburbia trackland, but her thrifting skills have netted them a super-stylish, sometimes viking-inspired, art-filled kitty cat haven that looks completely unsuburban and didn’t cost a boatload.

Ariel’s urban warm whirling rainbow dream castle/condo

Our home has this weird mix of very urban (condo! modern stuff! bright colors!) and very granola (wood! prayer flags! plants!). And then there’s the part where my son sleeps in a closet…

Stephanie and Sean’s recycled, reused, refurbished apartment in the deep south

Offbeat Mama Managing Editor Stephanie gives us a guided tour of her carefully-crafted, kid-friendly apartment filled with thrifty finds. The family’s got bright blue walls, loads of art, and a gigantic bean bag for one little dog.

Cat & Scott live in a mid-century brick project haus

I’ve got a vintage vanity, bar cabinet and dining room table, lots of books, some art, and that’s about it. What can I say? We only moved in 4 months ago, and we tend to get rid of everything we own when we move. But I take hipster photos, so you’ll still enjoy my home tour. And there are at least two photos featuring a cat.

Megan & Aaron’s tropical Los Angeles setup — nestled behind a porn shop

You will LOVE Offbeat Bride Managing Editor-Megan and Aaron’s apartment. One part Hawaii, one part LA, and one part artist bungalow — but the best part is the crazy wall-mounting that greets you at the front door.

Becca & Adam’s folk art-heavy rock pad

Offbeat intern Becca is our first Home Tour featuree — she lives with her husband and sister in a rock ‘n’ roll flat nestled in an amazingly diverse neighborhood in Queens. My favorite part? The nudie pics in the bathroom.