Where can I find an awesome double laundry hamper that's easy to carry?

Right now our laundry system is a little all over the place: we're putting everything into one medium-sized wicker hamper my husband thrifted a few months ago. It's kind of driving me crazy, so I've decided the solution is a double hamper — one side for lights, one side for darks. But here's my problem: everything I've found online doesn't seem to be apartment/laundromat-friendly.


Cleaning + chemistry: Where do you find your reliable DIY cleaner recipes?

I've seen all the usual DIY eco-friendly cleaning recipes floating around the great wide Interwebs, and tried out most of them. But I'm wondering… are they all really safe? For example, I'm kind of suspicious of the baking soda, vinegar, and castile soap chemical reaction that takes place. What are some reliable resources with DIY cleaning recipes that rely on real research about the actual safety and effectiveness of the recipes?


Pretty-up your kitchen sink to make dishwashing more enjoyable

Our kitchen sink is awful. It only has one basin, it was disgusting when we moved in, and seems to love hanging onto water spots. We have a dishwasher but a lot of our dishes have to be hand-washed, and that's usually my job. Since I despise washing dishes I came up with a couple ideas to make it less awful…