Rainbow doggie legwarmers and Dr Seuss collars!

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OMG. STOP. EVERYTHING. There exists such a thing as doggie legwarmers! Rainbow freaking doggie leg warmers. My life is complete. Thanks to Dog Milk for pointing me in the direction of the Etsy seller that made it all possible: The Hydrant.

All legwarmers are available in custom order sizing, from teacup to giant breeds.

Oh! And The Hydrant also makes awesome collars. This combination of martingale collar + Dr Seuss is just making me wish I hadn’t just bought Jackson a brand new martingale.

And now I will leave you with this image…

Comments on Rainbow doggie legwarmers and Dr Seuss collars!

  1. Omg! This just cracked me up! Brilliant! How do you keep the doggies from chewing them off!?!

    We have four little ones and would love these…. They just wouldn’t last very long 😛

    • The secret, I’ve found, is to raise your dog wearing dog clothes from birth.

      Some dogs will just wear whatever you put on them and not mind, but most just feel weird and kick the stuff off. But if you start dressing them young, they actually–oh, God save me–get really into it. I know a girl who’s dressed up her Yorkies since she could find outfits to fit them, and now, anytime they see her with dog sweaters and whatnot, they run over to her and STAND UP WITH THEIR PAWS IN THE AIR.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, these are really cute. And pictures of dogs are great. But I don’t really see how this post is super applicable to the idea of Offbeat Home. I can totally dig posts on how to live with pets, pet furniture, pet-shedding solutions, etc. But pet clothing? Eh. Not so much.

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