Make your own crafty yarn tainers

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Remember when I introduced y’all to Yarn Tainers? Well look what popped up in our Flickr pool! Katherine (aka Owntohands) saw our Yarn Tainer post and got inspired to make her own convenient yarn holders…

My first thought was, “Hey, those are a really great idea!” My second was, “I bet I can make those myself…”

Perhaps they’d even make a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Head over to the Own Two Hands blog to see how you can make these yourself!

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  1. Oh my god that is great! Only last night on the bus home from work I lost a skein of wool right down the length of the bus through other passengers legs and everything. It took me the rest of my journey to get it all back as I apologised madly to everyone. And you just know that the bus driver is never going to let me live it down. This is definately getting made to avoid that happening again!

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