How to pick a middle name your kid will WANT to share

March 1 2010 | Guest post by Kelly Ward
Danger really IS his middle name.
Danger really IS his middle name.

Last December, my husband and I welcomed into this world our first born son: Lincoln. Lincoln Danger. Yep. As you might imagine, a typical conversation following Lincoln's birth went as follows:

Us: It's a boy!
Friend or Family member: Congratulations! What's his name?
Us: Lincoln Danger.
Friend or Family: (blank stare) I'm sorry, did you say Danger?

After the initial surprise, said friend or family member either feigned indifference, pretended not to notice, or (our favorite) broke out into a "That. Is. Awesome. Why didn't we think of that?!"

When you choose an atypical name (even a middle name) for your child, you must be prepared to answer the why's…

First, though, it might be helpful to think about how middle names are typically chosen in the first place:

    1. Some people choose a name to honor a family member, usually the grandmother or grandfather. Sometimes the mother's maiden name is used.
    2. Perhaps it "just sounds good" with whatever first name was selected.
    3. The middle name might actually be intended to be used as part of the first name (e.g., Mary Ann, John Paul)
    4. It could be part of a family tradition (e.g., My dad has 5 sisters. Every one of them has the middle name Ann).

When we were choosing Lincoln's name, we fell somewhat into the family tradition category–not that Danger is family heritage. For 5 generations in my husband's family, the initials L.D.W. have been given to the first born son (taking a slight detour with my husband's uncle, who named his son Chris…my husband's parents chose to carry-on the tradition instead).

So, we knew we needed an "L" name (done!) and a "D" name. Combing through baby name books at our local bookstore gave us a few front runners, but we still weren't sold on anything. My husband was a bit sad that his number one choice actually started with a "P" so couldn't be used (since I'm feeling generous, I'll offer the name up to any takers out there: Pocket (I know…).

In fact, please use it. That way I can tell him it's been done and I won't have to consider it for baby #2.

One day as I was searching online, I came across a baby name list I hadn't seen before. Going straight to the "D" names, I saw it: Danger. We loved it and never looked back.

But how to answer the inevitable "why" questions we were sure to get?

Really, for us, it boils down to the fact that the middle name (in America, at least) is rarely used. Sure, you'll print it on your birth announcements, they'll call it out on graduation day, it will probably make an appearance on your wedding invitations…but really, most people don't go around everyday introducing yourself with your full name. [Editor's note: unless you're me. -AMS]

Think about it — other than close friends and family, do you know people's middle names? On resumes and other paperwork in the business world, the middle initial is more often used that the full name. Keeping all that in mind, we decided to move forward with our name choice. Why did we pick it? Why not? If it is hardly ever going to get used, why not have fun with it?

Our one regret about choosing such a unique middle name for our son? The intense pressure we now have to come up with something equally unique when baby #2 comes along (I mean, really. How are we supposed to follow that??). We aren't expecting yet, but I'm already writing down ideas. It is going to take a long time to come up with something that lives up to Danger.

  1. I love it. I know a couple of folks that have used Danger as the middle name for a boy. I like your answers… I usually hear the typical, "but his middle name IS Danger." Typically kids to parents who are extreme athletes and the like. I do love this name though!

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    • Well, I am most definitely not in the extreme athlete camp, but I do wonder if we've set ourselves up for Lincoln having a bit of a dare devil streak…he is pretty fearless already : )

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  2. My husband would have suggested Dagda…

    Of course, my ex gave our first born son the middle name Jubilation, so I guess I can't really say anything!

    • Oh, this is so totally true. My mom tells my sister all the time that she used her two favorite names on me, and so she got the female versions of the names she would have chosen for a boy. πŸ˜›

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  3. A friend of mine named her son after his father when he was born. Years later, the father turned out to be absent/neglectful and even though her son had gone by his initials for his whole life, he wanted to legally change his name. So they officially changed his first name to his two initials he'd gone by his whole life and she let him pick his middle name. He picked Vader. Awesomeness.

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    • Yeah that happened to my husband too… the dad's name was Ben and my husband's name is Benito, the dad left and was never seen again when they were little. Now the mom swears she named him after Benito Juarez, but c'mon, the dad's name was Ben and he was named "Little Ben" after someone else?

    • Vader is by far the coolest middle name I have ever heard!!!
      I didn't realize it meant father in dutch though… I just like the fact that it's like Darth Vader ^_^

      The exact same thing happened to my father and although he didn't care so much my grandmother HATED whenever someone said his middle name. His father abandoned them when my father was three.

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  4. We had a hell of a time coming up with our first son's middle name… we were also looking for a D name, because the husband's grandfather's initials were JD, and we had settled on Jonah for first name. We eventually ended up going with the grandfather's middle name because it was the only unique D name we had any connection to (Donaciano.)

    We also had a really hard time coming up with our second's middle name, mostly because of me… I really wanted something connected to my roots since Jonah's name had my husband's grandfather's name in it and Joaquin (the baby's first name) was Benito and his mom's favorite name. Only a week or so before Joaquin came, I came across the name Rui and found out it is related to Rodrigues,my paternally-handed-down maiden name, and also related to Roy, my maternal grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle and cousin's names! So even though Joaquin Rui doesn't really flow well, I chose it because I don't think I could ever find anything else that manages to encompass both sides of my family.

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  5. Danger is a pretty popular middle name where I live. I know at least five boys who are ____ Danger. It's interesting how name popularity varies by region.

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    • YES! I can't go to any sort of "cool" parent hang out without crossing a _____ Danger. Its replaced the Marie or James. Its interesting but not original(Well not any more).

      P.s. Is this totally a west coast thing??

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  6. Pocket πŸ™‚ That's great. My husband has been lobbying for "trailer" or "Fod (Foreign Object Damage) so, yeah. I love Danger as a middle name.

      • I love it too, but then I thought of all the hassle she might get in high school. *cringe* But it's so cute!! I also love the name Apple (I think me and Gwyneth are the only two people in the world who do).

        My Dad's name is Brian Richard and husband's grandfather's name is Brian Richard. Husband's middle name is Richard and Brother-in-law's middle name is Brian. So we're gonna continue the Brian and Richard tradition. First name are up for grabs though!! (and as Church history nerds, we've got some AWESOME ideas already that I don't want to share, but are AWESOME).

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        • OMG! Pocket is super adorable, and Apple is too!!! And I'm reminded of an anime where the main character's name was Paper… GAHH now I want to go name things adorably. Maybe I will get more cats…. πŸ˜‰

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      • I always loved Stormer, after the blue haired Misfit from Jem. She was my favorite character. She wrote the Misfits' songs (and their song are better) and she was actually nice, to the point of being confused why the Misfits hated Jem so much…

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  7. I have a friend who just gave her (surprise!) son the middle name "Action". <3 I think it's awesome.

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  8. I don't know how many of you know the story of my middle name — Meadow. It's my place of conception, named after a place called Lake of the Angels in Washington's Cascade Mountains where my parents totally DID IT and then had visions of a child coming to them and then TADA! Mom was pregnant. Ah, hippie parents.

    Anyway, I'm a huge fan of daring noun-based middle names. Danger! Action! Bear! Storm! Meadow! Bring 'em on!

    (Tavi got "Orion," which was going to be my name if I was a boy.)

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    • my son got named what I was to be called if I were a boy too! His middle names are his bio-father's middle and last, however I never use them and for the first four years of his life he thought his middle name was Bear (his nickname)

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    • I know Orion would have been your first name, but as far as "places of conception" go, I gotta think that one would be even cooler than "meadow." : )

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    • I'd have been Disney World by that scheme. That, Ariel, is the difference between my parents and yours. I'm a first-gen offbeat person, obviously, lol.

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      • I know this comment thread is super old but I've gotta jump on this bandwagon: if naming babies for place of conception was a universal protocol my stepson would be "Grandma's Back Yard."

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    • Orion is totally the middle name we have picked out for our "someday" baby boy. Captain will be the first name. πŸ™‚

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    • My parents said they were originally going to call me Chesapeake, and I always wondered why they didn't – Ches would be an awesome nickname! But then I learned why I would have been named that (they lived on a boat for awhile)… I dunno. Kinda glad they didn't. Because think of always having to answer that question, "Oh, where did that name come from?"

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  9. I am Lincoln's great-aunt, and love the name! My dad (the third L.D.W. loved that the tradition lives on! I went the route of one name sounding food with the first name, and bestowing my maiden name (the W of the L.D.W.) on another.

    I love your writing Kelly!

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  10. Lincoln Danger? Yep, that's awesome. I know what you mean about the questions though – We named our son Bruin and no, it's not about any sports team, we just loved the name. But we gave him James for a middle name, because we thought if he ever decides he hates having an unusual name, he can use that instead. Best of both worlds!

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    • Yeah, I'm a strong believer in giving your kids an easy out when it comes to weird names. With "Octavian," we were like "You know, he can just be Ian if he wants to blend in. That's cool."

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      • I love Octavian! I hope more people return to classical names the are so awesome. I didn't know your little man has Orion as their middle name; it's one I'm considering for use in the future as a middle name too!

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    • Ah! I have never considered 'Bruin' as a name until now… and I'm absolutely in love with it! But being from Boston, it might be more trouble than it's worth…

  11. Totally.Freaking.Awesome. I have no idea how…but I will convince my slightly less offbeat husband that this is a good idea (whenever we become parents that is.)

  12. That is an awesome middle name . My daughters name is winter and mys on is Raine so i understand the unusual names but my youngest son is a normal name jackson.

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  13. And PS, people are weird and rude about names in general. I can't count how many times we told people what we were naming our baby only to get the reaction, "have you consideredX?"…. um, I just told you the baby's name?!?!

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    • I completely regretted telling people what we were going to name our son – next time we're waiting. I figure people won't give you wide eyes or "have you thought of…" or "ooooh I don't know if I like that name" when they are staring the named kid in the face? At least I hope I'm right about that…

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      • You are right!

        My MIL is WAY picky [and mouthy too] so that's the route we're going to take with *every*one. πŸ˜€

        I have couple friends who had a boy and prepared two names for the surprise- boy and girl. When it was a boy and they introduced Ellis James, I reveled in its coolness and then asked, "What would he have been called if he were a she?" They said that they couldn't tell us since it may be used for the next one! Brill!

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  14. Danger is a little piece of awesome in my opinion!
    We opted for my last name as her middle name. My sister did the same. So many people thought it was strange. I have no idea why?

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    • This is actually a very strong tradition in the South so it's strange to me that people find it odd. Heck, it's not even limited to middle names; most family names started as someone's maiden name. If I have a son he would definitely have my last name as his first or middle. I just don't think it would work that well for a girl, though …

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  15. That is seriously fantastic. My sister-in-law's father named both his children with his initials, so when she was pregnant they decided to keep the tradition. My brother being a junior, a boy would have been WPIII, but the family had great fun coming up with suggestions. My dad was pushing for Wilroy Pitchkettle or White Pine. They now have two girls named Willow Paige and Wren Penelope. (Although sis-in-law didn't find out about the Buffy character until it was too late, and I think she was less than thrilled about that. Ha.)

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  16. It's funny to think about now but i remember considering my son's name during extensively. Five days before he was born, i was typing an email and the name "Talis" popped into my mind….as in talisman. A new first name was born which (to the best of my knowledge didn't exist elesewhere) and it worked with our already determined gender "approriate" middle names. If Talis had been a girl, the middle name would've been "Rose." Since he came out with a XY he has the middle name "Cyan" which is a nod to his dad who uses the name "Blue." My "little baby" is almost 12 and his name fits him to a T.

  17. Guessing middle names was a favorite game in grade school. Usually everyone's was pretty bland but I liked stumping people with mine (my mother's maiden name).

    These days I'm using my middle name a lot more because I changed my name when I got married and my new last name is very very common. It was also a way for me to "escape" the tedium of spelling my previous surname all. the. time. but still keep it in a sentimental way. If this had been my name from birth I probably wouldn't use my middle name much at all though.

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  18. I love it! What a great name! We went through something similar, although it was with our daughter's first name (which is Raven). People seem especially confused about it when we tell them we got it from an X-men character. My nephew's name is Fox Z. (No joke!) which I also love.

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  19. My dad was hell bent on giving us all historically famous names from folklore, or American Literature. He almost convinced my mom to name my brother, "Samuel Clemens" after Mark Twain.

    What's weird though is my entire family actually goes by their middle name. Both parents, and all three siblings. We never use our first name. Strange!

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  20. Love it. Seriously. I think an unusual middle name is one of the best things EVER. My middle name is Ann (yes, that's what I'm using for my name here). Ann. Really. My parents are SO not creative, and I would have given my left middle toe to have a cool middle name.

  21. My middle name is Davonia, which is a mix of David and Donia, who were my father's children who died in a car crash w/ their mom (dad's first wife). Of course, it was because of this that my parents met. My mom was being neighborly and brough a cake to the funeral.

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  22. We are far from having children – we're getting married in October – but we agreed years ago that if we have a boy his middle name is Danger. So glad other people have done it. I'm passing a link to this on to my fiance.

  23. My friend's daughter has the middle name "Sweet". They were planning to use it regardless of the baby being a boy or girl.

  24. "The intense pressure we now have to come up with something equally unique when baby #2 comes along (I mean, really. How are we supposed to follow that??). We aren't expecting yet, but I'm already writing down ideas."

    Ditto! We gave our daughter a beautiful unique name and are having a difficult time coming up with our next child's name, and we haven't even conceived yet!

  25. How about "Trouble" or "Adventure" as middle name for #2 – I'm sure I've heard both of those in "___ is his middle name" constructions before.

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  26. After reading some of the comments I think my mother's maiden name (Roswell) would be a great middle name, but mine….not so much…I mean really, Smuck as a middle name just doesn't hit me right. My middle name is Lenore, I used to joke that if I had a girl I would name her Elle Lenore(Eleanore was my grandmother's name). Loving Danger as a middle name though. If being used in the "____ is his middle name" you could easily go with Demon, Evil, Genius…I'm sure there are many more. How about some proclaimation of royalty? King could be an interesting middle name, or Highness etc etc. the possibilities are endless.

  27. Here I thought we were being creative. My husband and I are fairly offbeat and while Gabriel was in the womb, I was joking with my dad that our son would be a little daredevil probably. Surfing with sharks and skiing the glaciers. He'd be DANGER Savage (Savage is my last name). My dad thought it was hilarious and used the name for the rest of the pregnancy. So naturally we gave Gabriel the middle name Danger. My husband's family was scandalized, but we proceeded regardless.

    But yeah… how do you follow Danger?

  28. One thing that strikes me about this and other naming discussions is how, even among those trying to make daring and offbeat choices, we still often (subconsciously) see the parameters in rather conventional terms – particularly when it comes to how we signal gender expectations. Plenty of people think giving a boy the middle name "Danger" is awesome – but how many of us would pick it for our daughters? Even with more adventurous nature noun names (which I happen to like), you seem to be asking for trouble naming a girl Fox, Hawk, or Stone, and even more trouble calling a boy Raven, Meadow, or Wren…
    Regardless, I'm a big fan of parents picking names they love – despite knowing that some people are going to be judgmental (or at least disappointed) no matter what one chooses. If a name isn't "too weird/ uncommon/ embarrassing/ pretentious," it's "too boring/ common/ uncreative/ trendy." It's fascinating to me the kinds of cultural and identity signals we read into others' names and try to send in choosing names ourselves. Sometimes though it seems to me that the pressure we self-identified "offbeat" types put on ourselves to impress everyone with our creativity – and indeed our overall insistence on self-consciousness – can make us pretty unhappy. (Good reality check on overthinking things: Is this helping me/us be more mindful and open-hearted, or merely more self-absorbed?)
    I try to remind myself that most parents choose names (including the ones that are not my style at all!) with love. The name is a message to the child, connecting her to family, community, culture, history and their hopes for her future – and there are often treasured stories and meanings behind "boring" Michael and Madysynne, as well as Moab and Maybelle. It sounds like Kelly and her husband have made a thoughtful choice by giving their son a name with a fun story, which will remind him both that he belongs to a loving family and that they wish him a bold, joyful and courageous life. (Ideas for his little brother or sister – Adventure, Bonfire, Daring, Horizon, Lion, Magellan, Perihelion, Python, Rodeo, Quest, Spire, Tussle, Vista, Whitewater …?)

    • Thanks so much for this thoughtful response. My husband and I have had the same discussion regarding choosing a name for a girl (should we have a daughter in the future). I appreciate the name suggestions as well! For us, we never set out on the quest to think of an "offbeat" or super unique name…we just happened upon Danger in our search for a middle name that we felt suited our future son and fell in love with it : )

    • We named our son Michael, after my husband's grandfather. I was kind of hoping the name was so traditional that nobody wanted to use it anymore. Alas, not so. There is another little boy named "Michael" in the class above his in preschool. Oh well. They're still buds. His middle name is unique, though. It's my great-grandmother's maiden name- Duvall. πŸ™‚ (No relation to Robert Duvall :p )

      • While not a mama yet, I've always wanted to name my first little girl Lilianya Rose. Lilianya being taken from one version of Snow White and roses being my favorite flower and also closely tied to my favorite fairytale (Beauty and the Beast).

        And Elly- I have to wonder if we aren't somehow related farther back in the family tree. πŸ™‚ My family name is Duvall.

  29. Kat – I was just thinking that Adventure would be an awesome middle name for a baby girl!

    Love the name Lincoln Danger, btw. It's nice to see that not everyone is so deadly serious about baby names.

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  30. I'm with Kat above on 'Trouble' for the next one, if only so that when his friends come around, his brother can greet them and say 'I'm Danger. You're looking for Trouble.'

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  31. I love it, what a great name! I can totally relate too, our little guy was born in July and we were soooo expecting a girl, so we had ABSOLUTELY no boy names. I had always fancied "Jakob" which is my maternal grandfather's name, and my husband said we should also include "Franklin" who is his maternal grandfather. But being the offbeat parents WE are, we needed something AWESOME – so we came up with Jakob Franklin Zissou Paterson. Yes, we like Wes Anderson films.

    For those that know the reference to Zissou, they think it's AWESOME. For those that don't, they just give this sort of blank stare… oh well! We like it, and everyone else can just lump it.

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  32. My oldest son is not happy that out of my three children, he is the one with the normal name. (Who knew so many boys born in 98 were named Austin Tyler?) My 5 year old daughter is Averi Kailen. But with my 7-month-old son, his dad and I could not agree, so we named him Canaan Elijah Nathaniel. All normal type names, but all together it's fun to say. Besides, now knowing that my oldest hates his name, the baby has options if he ever grows to hate his too. : )

  33. I love it! I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant and if it's a boy, his name will be Felix Turbo Walker. Our choice has gotten a few raised eyebrows, but I agree, it's not used that often so why not have fun with it. We already had a girl name picked out (Faye Shadow) and a the first name Felix picked out for a boy (no, the "f" first initial wasn't planned, we just happened to like 2 names that started with the same letter) and we decided that for a boy we wanted the initials FTW (because we're dorks like that) and Turbo occurred to both of us at the same time. Plus, now if he ever decides to pursue a career as an American Gladiator, he's got a built in gladiator name. πŸ˜›

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  34. " Danger " – so awesome!……..I named my daughter " Azure Cricket ". ………My son is " Atari Tybalt "

  35. That's fantastic! My two kids have unique middle names too. Anna Rain and Noah Shade. We came up with those names when we lived in NM, where rain and shade were the two most precious things we could imagine.

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  36. When we have a son, his name will be Rene Gade Remington. The first name is pronounced "Reen".

    We'll call him Rene when he's being a sweet little boy. But when he gets in trouble, we're gonna call in Renegade!
    "Renegade! Come here boy!"

    When we have a daughter, her name will be Soliloquy Raina Remington.
    It just sounds so poetic and unsual. And we're looking forward to calling her "Silly Soli!"

  37. My uncle had a tattoo of a wolf not long after his son, Z Wolf, was born. How they struggled for their second babie's name, not only did it have to be super cool, it had to be tattoo-able

  38. Our 12-week old son's name is Lincoln Niner – because "Niner" is the name my 5 1/2 year old son started calling him when we found out we were having a boy. It would have been "Zippy" for a girl…

  39. Two of my friends gave there children Danger as a middle name. I think it's absolutely rad they can say Danger is my middle name πŸ™‚

    Our daughters middle name is Darling. Like from Peter Pan! I hope she isn't embarrassed when she is older……I think it's adorable πŸ˜‰

  40. my boyfriend is OBSESSED with this middle name!
    we're having our first, a girl, in May-
    he let me do all the naming i wanted with one condition: Danger.
    hopefully #2 will be a boy and he is bound & determined…
    kudos to ya!!

  41. My son, my husband, his dad, his dad and so on for at least 6 generations are all named John. And all but one went/go by their middle name.
    Our sons name is John Henry Lincoln. Yes, he has 2 middle names. We either call him Henry or Linc.

  42. I know just how important names are.
    My first and middle make me sound like i came from a time shifting device. Amaryllis constance. It's very 1700's Yet I wouldnt be able to deal with a common name. I find it hard enough being in earshot of anyone names karol or darryl. I'm not used to not responding to my name like people with common names are.

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  43. Lincoln Danger is made of awesome.

    My own middle name, not so awesome. Amber Kay. Boring, and according to my mom it means absolutely nothing other than it sounded nice. Which is fine. My daughter's name is Eden Anne, Anne being the same middle name as both her grandmas. I thought it only appropriate. πŸ™‚

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    • Hey! My middle name is Kay and it means "joyful"–don't knock it. πŸ™‚ It's my mother and grandmother's middle names as well, although I admit to thinking it was kinda boring when I was younger.

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  44. I love it, and it's something your son will probably be *bragging* about to all his friends as he's older. It took us a while too to come up with something for our baby, but as soon as we found out the sex, it was set, Vida Irie P_____t. Yes, her initials are V.I.P. and few people know what Irie means but to us that just makes it all the better. I can't wait til she's older though and gets to introduce herself… sometimes I wish people would all introduce themselves FULLY every time, haha. πŸ˜›

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  45. When I was 13 I attended the birth of a baby boy (born to a family friend, i was mostly there to watch the 3 year old sister, and keep her from freaking out over her mother's pain) The baby was given the middle name Valor. It was the coolest thing I'd ever heard at the time, and I have to say it's still pretty darn cool.

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  46. My husband and I also gave our children different but cool middle names.Our son is named Alex Proton,Alex after my great grandfather and Proton after one of the members in my husbands favourite bands.we named our daughter Georgie Dirtbike and people are genuinely horrified by this!our little dirtbike was named after something we as a family love to do and my grandfather and father.She loves her name even when she gets stick over it and I have not come across one little boy who wishes it was his middle name and that includes our Alex Proton.
    Oh and if our little Dirtbike had been a boy,the name we picked was William Danger!

  47. My whole family is full of unique names. I have a huge extended family. My childrens names are Justice, Dominic-Talon and Rayna. I have nephews named Shanyn Wolfe, Sydhartha, and Tallon, I have neices named Irys, Noelia, and Kahlan (pronounced Colin)

  48. I personally view middle names as the most important. I have always seen them in the same light as a person's "witch's name" or "hebrew name". Something special linking you to your spirit. You have control over who knows it and who doesnt.
    I named my first born son Lazaro Orion. The Orion constellation passed over my house every day that I was pregnant with him. Plus he is the hunter. Lazaro is 1, derived from Lazarus who rose from the dead. and 2, derived from St. Lazaro (who is huge in Cuban life) who is the patron saint of the poor.
    My middle son is Luciano Alexander. Luciano for a few reasons (one of which is after Luciano Pavarotti). Another reason is that it means "light". Alexander is "the great protector". So his name translates into Great Protector of Light.
    My third son (yes, I have 3 boys) my fiance wanted to name after me and I wanted to name after him. My middle name is Gabrielle and my fiance's name is Ian. So his name is Gabriel Ian. Another added bonus, my fiance's great grandfather's (passed) name is also Gabriel.

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  49. I love it! Danger is actually on my boy name list along with Maverick and a few other similar names I also love that you stuck to a family tradition while putting your own twist on it, my family has a similar tradition with the middle initial "j" for girls. My daughter's middle name is Belle.. that did not go over well with my mother or her mother i wish i had been as innovative!

  50. When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, I already decided on a girls name if it were a girl. My friend at work suggested Danger as the middle name. Annabelle Danger. I really hope baby #3 is a girl so I can use this name. πŸ™‚

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  51. I love your choice, so many people complain about having "boring" middle names, I think it's awesome that one can say, "Yeah baby my middle name is Danger!"

    My middle name is Maree (which was supposed to be mums middle name which we later found out when I was 16 thats her's was actually Marie on her birth certificate and nana has taught her to spell it wrong haha) so we do want to go with that for one of the girls, but we've also agreed on using Ivy as a middle name as it's my nanas name and despite her saying that she doesn't want anyone to use it to name their kids with (she hates her name and never got given a middle name to "save her from it") I love it and she couldn't hide that she was happy we wanted to use it.

  52. we gave our son Joel my mother's maiden name, as she died when I was 15 and also adopted, so He has a connection to that side of his family still. My mom's sister wasn't adopted and couldn't be happier that we gave him Higgins as a middle name now that both grandparents had passed and she also has no children. It meant a lot to her that someone got to carry on the name. And since he didnt get to meet my grandparents or my mother, i look forward to him asking where his name came from in the future.

  53. If I may make some suggestions for baby #2:

    "Trouble" is another word that people often say "is my middle name." It'd go along nicely with "danger"

    Also, I saw a birth announcement in a newspaper, once, where a girl was named Lillian Dynamite. I thought it was amazing, and sounded like a superhero. I hope she grows up to be a punk or a writer or something where people would normally pick an alias. She already has a badass one, legally. Or maybe she'll work with explosives.

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  54. Danger is pretty sweet – as a less-used variation, I offer up my favorite, "Venture" as an alternative. (my favorite pairing is Sequoia Venture)

    I am excited about a trend of names that has some imagination and pep to it.

  55. We just had our 1st boy after 3 girls. After much search for a name, my husband decided his son must be able to say that his middle name is Danger. I knew the reactions we would get, but I couldn't deny him this right to name his only son. So we have a Sebastian Danger Maddox (I insisted on a 2nd middle name because I was in love with it and it was the original middle name and I wanted Sebastian to have a 2nd option to use JIC)

  56. I am going to name my daughter after my husband, and her middle name will be one that I heard YEARS ago in college!

    It will culminate to : Derrick Blaze–I LOVE IT!!

    • i am fixing to have my 1st baby boy and i love the name blayze but i cant come up with unique middle name…any suggestions

  57. I really wanted this middle name for a boy, but alas my husband vetoed it and all our family hated it πŸ™

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  58. I've been begging Gabe to let us legally change Scarlet's name to either Scarlet Trouble or Scarlet Max (our last name is Payne, so it'd be so rad) he isn't budging. But baby number two is having Max for sure.

  59. I met a little girl with the middle name Danger.

    Our last name is Kann and of course my husband wants to name our baby Ghengis (if its a boy). Had to put my foot down on that one.

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  60. our son's name is Zander Cage. we chose Zander because i wanted to name our son after my husband and hes Alexander. it was a way to pass on family name with out it being the same. Cage comes from that movie XXX with vin diesil! i loved that character and we knew it would go with Zander haha!
    and our Daughter is named Lola Kaydence. Lola is named after myself and my mother. and Kaydence was the only name that my husband and i could agree on lol. the only stipulation i had with middle names is that it can have the same ending. and my kid reflect that! and it seems to have a better sound to it. just my opinion tho πŸ™‚

  61. I love the name :)!!

    And I am in the same boat about being asked how a child get their name. My daughters name is Novemberlynn. (Yes its all one word, her middle name is Marie. And no she was not born in November) I get asked all the time how I came up with it. It started as a joke and turned into a name I loved πŸ™‚

  62. I read this article a long time ago and it really helped when me when my husband offered up a very nontraditional middle name for our daughter who is due in March. Having been raised Italian and Catholic all of me and my brothers names come from the Bible and are easily translated into Italian. I chose the first name of Natalie for our daughter (Natalia for my mother) and was thinking of something similarly traditional for the middle name when my husband suggested "Teneile." Huh?! At first I was skeptical and then he added that it meant "champion" (we're both coaches) and "passionate" (which I have tattooed in Italian on my hip). Ahh. I get it. It wasn't what I originally had in mind, but it is absolutely perfect and she will have the joy of sharing her daddy's special middle name with people for the rest of her life.

  63. OK so my husband has been wanting kids since we got married 5 years ago just so he can use Danger as a middle name. Well, he actually wanted "Bocefus Danger". Bocefus was shot down IMMEDIATELY if not faster but secretly, I've actually entertained Danger. Well now I'm 20 weeks pregnant with our first. A boy. Having thought of a first name, but being stuck on a second, it came back but I kinda had it tucked away in my back pocket thinking I'd find something that worked better. Today I had a 3d US done and the tech had to have me turn on my stomach and beat me with the wand thingy in order to get him to turn around and show his face. He finally did, but he totally had his dukes up like he already knew how to protect himself!! Because he's that awesome already!! Well, to this my husband responded "all the more reason his middle name should be Danger!!" So, tonight, I sleep on it. If I still like it in the morning, it's official. Hartley Danger. It's definitely growing on me.

  64. My husband really wants to use Danger when we have a baby. I am not currently pregnant, but we are TTC right now, so it is on our minds. I hate to admit how much I really like it. We are thinking about Ash as a first name. I'm not sure whether it will be short for anything yet.

  65. Wanted to write a quick update (author of original post): after months (and months!) of agonizing over a middle name, we welcomed new baby Bennett Action into our family on April 18. Big brother Lincoln couldn't be more excited (nor could his parents!)

    • We're naming our children Murphy Badger and Hopscotch Virginia, assuming we get one of each sex! Murphy Danger was a close second!

  66. The first name that my husband and I fell in love with for our son was Atom Case. I think the very definition of Atom is great for a child's name – the smallest component of an element and having its same properties. Also, I loved the literary reference of "Adam" as the firstborn son. i did fear that people would just always spell his name 'Adam' though, because it sounds so similar. We decided eventually that we would give him a first name that was a variation of his father and grandfather's name William. So Wiley Atom Case, it is!

    Lincoln is a strong contender for our second child if a boy (I'm just about 8 weeks). I love Lincoln Arrow. And my husband is a huge fan of Zelda, so I'm thinking Link for short! πŸ™‚

  67. HAH! my son's middle name is danger, too! He definitely lives up to it.
    There was a guy we met at the grocery store who has the same first name as my son and he challenged us to a middle-name-coolness match(not knowing he would lose). And when we told him our sons middle name he said, "Oh! he is THAT kid?". I was so proud….
    But I'm thinking we will name the next one "table manners" or the like. :p

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  68. So glad I have found someone else who has used Danger as a middle name. We don't know what we are having yet but if it is a boy we have picked out "Dax Danger" because my husband would want our son to be able to say "Danger is my middle name"…and we are the athletic type…I actually ran the 12 mile Tough mudder and went through the ice baths and electric shock obstacles and found out later that I was 2 weeks pregnant at the time (long story short I had just miscarried and had no clue I could be pregnant at the time of the race or I wouldn't have done it)…but now the name seems like it would definately fit!

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  69. My daughter's middle name is Danger! At first it was just a joke, but my mother in law forbade it-so then we HAD to!

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  70. Our little Danger was born 2 weeks ago. Dax Danger…I took him up to the firehouse when his dad was working and none of the guys called him Dax…everyone one of them wanted to see Danger! It must be a west coast name because we have never heard of anyone else choosing it. My husband and I are both into extreme sports…ie I ran the tough mudder and was pregnant and didn't know it yet. We joke that since we gave him an awesome name that he will become an accountant or computer geek.

  71. We are seriously considering naming our son Lincoln Danger. I found this thread after it was picked, and I NEED that shirt. Where can I find one or two just like it?

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