My cat medication hack (that I stole from dog owners!)

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My cat medication hack (that I stole from dog owners!)
The Original – Did You Feed the Dog?

My cat has diabetes and has to be given food and a shot every 12 hours. It’s a pretty smooth process unless I can’t be around at that 12-hour time and have to do a big schedule adjustment. Or worse, I’m on a 5:30am and 5:30pm schedule where I’m giving a sleepy shot and forget to write it down. Either way, I needed a solution that let me keep track of the fact that I gave her the shot. I stole this idea from a dog owner…

Since dogs usually get fed at certain times (unlike cats who are often “free feeders”), they came up with this nifty “did I feed the dog” tracker. I’m currently using a dry erase board on the refrigerator to keep track and found this to be a cleaner, more cool-looking solution.

Then as I was browsing, I realized there are cat and general pet versions, too. I totally didn’t end up stealing this from dog owners! But still, awesome.

What are your pet medication or feeding hacks?

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  1. I’m laughing at the concept of this, only because I have cats that don’t free feed, who would NEVER let us forget feeding them. The minute it’s 10-til feeding time, they are VERY vocal.

    That said, it’s a great life hack for meds of any kind, and I’m debating if I need it for myself haha.

    • Right? Yeah, reminders for food aren’t needed for me either, but I could see it being useful if more than one person feeds them. More like, I already gave breakfast so don’t let them lie and say I didn’t! 😉

  2. My kids, cats, fish, and dog are all on the same meal schedule. They all act as if they’ve never been fed before and let me know as such. So their is never any reminders necessary.

    However, this system would be great at helping me keep my husband’s medication in check. Because at 40 he still can’t remember at what time he should take his pill or if he forgot to take his morning pill.

  3. I read the title as “cat Meditation” and I was like “oooooooh, that sounds like how I meditate,” and I still read the article, but…I’d love a cat meditation app 🙂

  4. As a longtime fangirl of the movie “1776” I can’t help but look at this device and think,

    “Massachusetts votes Yea. Connecticut…?”

    And with that non sequitur, this New Yorker shall abstain.

    Courteously. 🙂

  5. I know a lot of folks like to “free feed”their cats, but there are both physical and behavioral benefits to be gained by scheduled feedings (so long as you realize that if you schedule breakfast at a certain time, you won’t get to sleep in).

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