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I’m pretty cat-obsessed, so this little item has made it to the top of my wish list. My two cats each have their own chair that they perch under to keep them safe from whatever they think might harm them (see: nothing). But that’s how cats are, and why the Cat Crib is so flippin’ awesome. It’s a little cat-sized hammock that attaches to any four-legged chair or small table with enough room underneath to fit a kitty. And actually, it holds up to 20 lbs. (9 kgs), which should hold even the biggest of cats, so it’s not that small.

It costs $29 USD and takes up no floor space, so it’s pretty cost- and space-efficient for small homes. But wait, there’s a video of a cat totally using the shit out of this, too:

I totally want to hug that gray cat. What a cutie. If your cat’s natural instinct is to lay under a chair, this hammock might be just what he or she would love.

Where does your cat sleep? Is it anywhere but in the beds your bought them?

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  1. Super cute, I definitely want that. I have only two concerns: 1. How do the corners stay up on the chair legs and not fall to the ground? 2. Why isn’t it just a little bigger so my two cats who ae cuddlers can both enjoy it?

    • My cat is beastly big (tall, stocky and pudgy) so we have a camping style chair that we put out for him. The seat is made of fabric and hangs from the metal supports that let it compact into a cylinder. He loves the hanging feeling and often cries if he can’t get into the chair.

      If he can fit into it, then it might work for your two kitties!

  2. It’s like you’re in my head!!! Our cat has made his own little hammock under our bed. The fabric attached to the bottom of the box spring was loose so he would crawl in and sleep there. He still does, especially when the vacuum comes out. This thing is going on my christmas list!

  3. That kitty looks like my scaredy cat Sasha (she’s a rescue adopted russian blue)
    The hammock looks like the perfect spot for our other cat to hife and attack ankles from

  4. I’m actually on the Cat Crib email list (though I haven’t bought one yet for our new kitten) and they JUST sent me a COUPON CODE!

    “Use the coupon code “OCT30″ during checkout to receive a 30% DISCOUNT!!! This discount is good on as many Cat Cribs as you like. Feel free to pass this coupon code along to your friends and family, but please note that this coupon will expire at the end of October.”

    Also, liking them on FB gives you a free shipping coupon code.

  5. So squeee! I wish my kitten liked sleeping under chairs so I could get her this. I do have a whale of a Lab who would love one, wonder if they come in dog sized…

    • That sounds pretty true of most of the….oh, twenty odd cats that have been in my life over the years. My current pair, Watson and Adler, would eye it with trepidation, wonder why it smells funny, then sit ON the chair/table. Ahh, kitty cats. How you complicate matters. <3

  6. Oh my gosh, this is what I’m making all the cats in my life for Christmas. Also, love that russian blue. Mine just passed away after an incredibly long life full of fresh tuna, tummy rubs, and lactose-milk every morning.

  7. I do totally want one. I think I’ll work out if they ship to the UK, but – frankly – it’s a lot of cash given that so far my cat sleeps *everywhere BUT* in the bed I bought her. Gah.

    She has, however, re-purposed the cat igloo into a hunting lodge. No way the feathered dangly toy can see her when she’s hiding in there!

    Hum. Perhaps I’ll give making one a go.

  8. So I don’t have a cat (my oldest furbaby passed away recently) but I DO have four big rabbits (largest is 6kg) most rabbit beds are too small for them but this would be perfect! Now I’m going to go search for more cat toys that could double as bunny toys!

  9. Oh man. I wish we had any chairs in my house that would work with this, my kitties would (probably) love it!
    Definitely keeping this in mind for the day in the (distant) future that my family moves into a house big enough that we have a dining room table set up, instead of just eating all our meals at the coffee table in the living room!

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