Awesomesauce DILF Who Does It All

Guest post by Meg Prouse

There's no shame in totally DILF-crushing on Kellen!
Simply put? Kellen is awesome and rocks my socks off. I know, I’m totally biased. But over the last few years, he’s turned out to be the most amazing dad, husband, best friend and over-all dream man I could have ever asked for. He’s silly, sweet, strong, adores our son (and me), hilarious, smart and tons of fun. Oh yeah, he’s also ADORABLE.

When I first got pregnant, he was incredibly excited. Not that I wasn’t, but I immediately worried about bills, jobs, health insurance…what would we do? He just smiled, picked me up, twirled me around and simply told me it would all be fine. He’s always been my rock.

This past year has been especially helpful in proving just how lucky I am. My dear hubster found out in January that he has Multiple Sclerosis. There’s no cure (yet) and the flare-ups can be very debilitating, and overall discouraging.

So far he’s had three flare-ups, which have resulted in numb and spastic legs, feet, back, stomach, an eye that he couldn’t see out of temporarily, and an apparently random (temporary) case of Bell’s Palsy (where one side of the face can’t be controlled and droops severely).

Even though there isn’t a cure, there are medications that are supposed to help keep MS flare-ups to a minimum. Kellen has to have a weekly intramuscular shot – with a 1.25″ long needle – which makes him feel like total shit. Think nasty flu symptoms, only 800% more severe. And as if all that wasn’t enough stress, you can add on the thousands of dollars in our cost of doctor’s bills we now have.

As crazy as all that news has been, Kel’s kicked major ASS at juggling his disease, full-time commuting to Seattle, being my moral support…and tons more. The kicker? Every day he comes home in a wonderful mood, ready to fall in love with his son and wife all over again.

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  1. Here’s some offbeat medicine for your offbeat DILF:
    There have been really encouraging signs that small, controlled hookworm infestations damp down your immune system to the point of curing autoimmune disorders like MS, asthma, allergies, Crohn’s, etc. There’s much more to be found on the web than this article, but please check it out for his sake! The worms evolved with us, and in the Western world, we’re having a very hard time living without them! Your hubby sounds like a really sweet, awesome guy, I hate to hear he’s suffering!

  2. Wow – he sounds awesome. I’ve had MS for 9 years now and at one point did the 1x/week shots. Then I switched to the 3x/week ones. I can sympathize with how he feels. Nothing like getting the “flu” on a weekly basis. I’m on nothing right now because I’m pregnant, and am enjoying the break immensely.

    There is a great group of very positive people with MS who also use diet to help slow the progression of their disease. I’ve been following the diet for 6 years now and the board is a haven for me – it’s unlike any other MS board I’ve been to. There are a few dads there who struggle to manage family, work, and MS – so it might be of interest to him. If he’d like to learn more – check out Swank Diet and it will pop right up. My very best to you as your entire family continues to learn to navigate this disease. And you’re right – he is adorable!

    • Congratulations on the pregnancy! I’ve heard about how pregnancy helps eliminate flare-ups temporarily. So glad you get a break. 🙂
      And thank you for the information! So far this year we’ve found so many resources for dealing with MS, it’s pretty amazing. We give props to anyone else who has been dealing with it for years! I’ve heard about the diet change helping – and have been trying to nudge him in the right direction…without being too “wifey”. 😉
      I will definitely check out more about the Swank Diet!

  3. Pulled out of lurking simply to give massive respect to a new daddy dealing with MS. My mom’s been dealing with it for 14 years now – she’s going for CCSVI liberation treatment in November. Best of luck to your adorable man, and to your family overall. It’s a tough hand to be dealt, but there’s so much new hope blooming now.

    • Thank you! That’s so exciting for your mom! I hope all goes perfectly with her treatment. 🙂

      Over the last 9 months we’ve learned a lot about MS and you’re right; there really is a lot of hope for new treatments and a possible cure.

      It has almost been a little bit of a blessing in disguise because it’s taught us to see that it could be way worse.

      Thanks for the support!

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