Open letter to my teenage self about sex

My "official" first time was pretty much by-the-book. It got better with practice, but I wish someone had spoken with me more honestly about what to expect. If I could write a letter to my teenage self with some advice about how to go about sex, this is what I would say…


How do you get your sexy photos back?

I'm in the unfortunate situation of breaking off a long term engagement. I had gifted him some boudoir photos shortly after we got engaged. Now that we are no longer, I'd like them back but he's not willing to part with them. Any ideas, thoughts, guidance on getting your sexy photos back from someone?


What Disney taught me about healthy polyamory

No one would ever try to argue that Disney love stories are realistic portrayals of the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of relationships. Their fairy tale happy endings are what make them so endearing, but they definitely don't set proper expectations for dating in the real world. A prince is probably not going to come wake you up from sleep with an enchanted kiss while woodland creatures serenade you. But, there are some relationship lessons I have recently realized Disney imparted on me — and they're the least likely of all.

Let's see what Disney characters can teach us about healthy multi-partner relationships…


More exciting than being Superman: What it's like living as a closeted, trans, sex worker

I keep trying to come up with a snappy way to describe the experience of living a triple life, and I keep failing. For a while, I was telling new people that I was like a really boring version of Superman but that doesn't feel true either. I am "Legal Name," "Sullie," and a sex worker. In a single day, I might check five different emails, four Twitter accounts, two Tumblrs, and two Facebooks before I even get out of bed.


Help! My roommate is SUPER loud while doin' it

My roommate keeps having loud crazy monkey sex when I'm wide awake and in the next room. One friend of mine said I just need to get better headphones, and another friend of mine said that she is being totally inconsiderate, and that there are rules with the roommate-having while boning. What are the rules? How does everyone else deal with this issue?