I have zero expectations about my daughter's future relationships

I think my solution is to refrain from assumptions altogether when I'm in public. I'll stop playing along with other's comments about her getting married one day, or meeting a man, or whatever. At home, I'll adopt new words into my vernacular with her. I'll illustrate differences through play — I can show her two girl Barbies kissing and two Ken dolls kissing.

How can we transition step-children and half-siblings into a unified family?

I married a wonderful fella and his two daughters last June. We both feel like the four of us are doing fairly well with the transitions, and now it looks like we're adding to our family in October. The girls knew we hoped to, which meant that they were not surprised when we told them. They weren't enthusiastic, either. I'm not expecting them to be, at least not yet, but I am curious about how best to proceed.