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The United States won’t recognize my gay marriage or family, so I guess we have to leave

Vera and her partner are married and expecting their first baby in a few months — and also getting ready to leave the country, a choice that isn’t necessarily their own.

What do your kids call you?

I tend to not let society or scientific findings sway my mothering instincts too much. I, of course, accept certain social norms, only to make it easier on Abbi growing up, but I rely mostly on my own judgment and sense of right and wrong. Ultimately, I, NOT SOCIETY, am responsible for the human being I am raising in my home. She has never been any less than a developing adult human…one that needs me to love, accept, set an example for and teach her.

Coming to terms with our new identity as a military family

I married a bartender. I married a goofy, bearded, garage band kid. In May he left for Air Force basic training.

Playing with toy weapons: inevitable or preventable?

Is it possible to prevent weapons — real or fake — from becoming part of your child’s play and reality?

Hoodwinked, one father’s take on the circumcision debate

I understand all of the arguments for and against circumcision, which makes this decision even more difficult. There a lot of things to take into account; religious, societal, medical and familiarity…