The beating heart and layers of history: Why I love my dining table

Our dining room table is a beast of a thing. Seven feet by five. Six sturdy planks of unidentified tropical hardwood, some of which are starting to separate so far that I can fit a whole hand down the resulting gap. The top is covered in scars, scrapes and gashes — each one a story. It holds secrets, this table — layers and layers of history.


These are the super-subtle Star Wars bathroom items you've been looking for

Maybe you're a huge Star Wars fan, but your live-in partner doesn't agree with using your childhood Star Wars sheets in your bedroom. Or perhaps you've held off on your Death Star-inspired living room decor, since you often host business meetings at home. This, Homies, is why I love getting weird in the bathroom. (No, not like that… well, maybe.) THIS is the super-subtle Star Wars bathroom you've been looking for…


From retro to goth to geeky: swimsuits in any style (and almost any size!)

Megan and I are both big fans of ModCloth's swimwear. In fact, we each have the suit pictured above, cause it's available in standard and plus sizes. There's really something for any style, but I've rounded up three groups to get you started: retro glam, dark and edgy, and fun and geeky. While not every style is available in every size, ModCloth carries styles up to size 30. Each two-piece is available separately, meaning you can mix and match looks to your heart's content. Click on the image to go to the product page, and dive in!


The most bad-ass, super-personalized Father's Day gift of all time

If you're wondering what to get your dad for Father's Day and thinking "what do I get for the man who has everything?" allow me to answer that question for you with the most bad-ass, super-personalized gift of all time. I got this for my father last year, and he totally dug it. Here's what you do…